What Are The 7 Major Neurotransmitters To Target With Nootropics?

In many ways, neurochemicals are the strongest driver of human behavior. They completely change your experience of reality. By learning how to optimize your neurochemistry, you’ll be able to experience Perfect Brain Days regularly.
Reviewed by Wendy Ugalde

It’s important to note that having a great night’s sleep is critical for the production of multiple neurochemicals.

There are 7 key players in your brain’s chemical makeup.


1. Dopamine: The Molecule Of Drive And Motivation

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, with zero energy to get through your day, there could be another mischievous, lurking reason as to why that is. 

It all has to do with your neurochemicals. Most notably, dopamine. When your levels of dopamine are rocking and rolling, life is pretty great. This is because dopamine is responsible for your body’s “reward” system that helps you focus. 

So when you’ve got great levels of dopamine, you feel AWESOME as you work step by step towards your goals. It will reinforce behavior and make you feel good, like that giddy feeling you get when you’re looking forward to something exciting. 

This in turn helps you get into GOOD habits, and avoid the low energy or “burn out” feeling. For example, say you know you’ve got to get in a morning run. When you’ve got good dopamine levels, you’ll think about something FUN in that run that will get you moving and grooving and ready to crush your routine. Dopamine even reinforces memories. Having good levels of dopamine is critical to success. 

There are some natural ways to boost your dopamine:

Sunlight: direct sunlight in the eyes boosts dopamine and serotonin.  Another reason to lock in that morning sunlight ritual.

Cold therapy:  exposure to cold has been shown to boost dopamine by 250%.  That’s an incredible gain.

Nootropics: nootropics are brain enhancing supplements that can directly level up your neurochemicals including dopamine.

We created a personalized nootropic company that produces the most powerful nootropic stacks on the market.  We have several formulas that increase dopamine including: Powerful Solution, Apex, Dopa Drops and Zoned In.

2. Acetylcholine: The Molecule Of Focus

On a day-to-day basis, you have to rely on your BRAIN to maximize on all of the necessary steps that will get you to your end goal. This is true whether your goal is to triple your revenue growth, overcome your strongest competitor, etc.

That’s why investing in your brain is one of the most critical things you can do for your career long term. With all of this in mind, it’s important to think about 3 questions:

  1. How long does it usually take you to think up new project ideas?
  2. How long does it take you to recall information?
  3. How long does it take you to learn something new?

Imagine for a moment what your day would look like if you were able to INCREASE your ability to do all of those things at lightning speeds:

  • You would be able to come up with creative new project proposals faster, see results faster, and grow your business faster.
  • You would be able to boost your memory and attention span to accomplish double the amount you would have been able to before in a day’s work. 
  • And you would be able to learn more at faster speeds to reach your goals and rise above the competition.

The key to making this a reality is acetylcholine.  Your thinking, memory, focus, and attention all rely on acetylcholine.

Eggs are the best source of choline which your body converts into acetylcholine.  

Nootopia has several formulas that boost your acetylcholine on demand including Apex, Mental Reboot AM and Nectar X. 

3. Oxytocin: The Bonding Molecule

Oxytocin is one of the most important molecules for great health, especially for women.  Men thrive on testosterone and women thrive with oxytocin.

The best part of oxytocin is IT’S FREE.  You can get a significant boost in oxytocin by simply hugging someone for 22+ seconds. 

Kids and pets are powerful oxytocin generators.  Just playing with them will give you a potent boost in oxytocin which will have a very positive impact on your health and mental perspective.

4. GABA: The Molecule Of Chill

Do you find yourself getting easily irritated by daily frustrations like: 

  • Traffic
  • Having nowhere to park
  • Your coffee getting cold
  • Or your phone battery dying? 

Do you feel like your brain is going a mile a minute with jittery nervousness, and you’re unable to get calm for big meetings or social interactions? 

Would you like to tap into a state of mind where you feel groovy, ready to rock and roll, and able to maintain a positive attitude through anything your day throws at you? 

If you answered YES… Odds are you are LOW or DEFICIENT in the neurochemical GABA. GABA is the anti-stress “molecule of chill.” It’s a critical neurochemical not only for keeping stress levels low and “chillaxed” levels high, but it also plays a major role in keeping all of your other neurochemicals BALANCED.


GABA is flexible. You can control your dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine levels with GABA to make them each act more effectively, or reduce it to avoid jitters.

In other words, GABA is key for connectedness. When your GABA levels are optimal, everything works in harmony to bring you groovy vibes.

The great news is that if your levels are currently low… you can get GABA flowing in just 2 minutes. 

Nootopia has 2 powerful GABA boosting formulas: Zamner Juice and GABAlicious.

5. Serotonin: The Molecule Of Stability

If you’re low in serotonin, a couple things start to happen…

  1. You struggle to get into a good mood, always feeling blue
  2. You begin to lack the drive to do things you know you ought to be getting done
  3. Your brain becomes foggy 24/7
  4. And you no longer take pleasure in things you used to enjoy doing

Low levels of serotonin are linked to depression, anxiety, and poor sleep. All of which keeps these 4 main negative impacts going in a vicious cycle. 

That doesn’t sound like a very good way to enjoy life to the absolute fullest. So if you’ve started to notice some of these same traits in your own daily life…. 

Getting sunlight is a powerful free way to boost your serotonin.

Carbohydrates are another powerful way to increase serotonin.  This is one of the reasons why sugar and carbs can be additive.  

Nootopia blends that can boost your serotonin include Upbeat, Zamner Juice and Nectar X.

6. Noradrenaline: The Molecule Of Initiation

Do you ever realize partway through a conversation that you’re not really “there” with that person? You feel a bit disconnected, or not very present? 

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a task when you realize you’re not very focused on what you’re actually doing? 

Would you like to increase your wakefulness to boost your presence, reduce distractions, and pump out hard work effortlessly? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then there’s a key neurochemical at play: Noradrenaline.

Not to be confused with adrenaline, noradrenaline is responsible for arousal and wakefulness. We’re not talking about sexual arousal, but rather ALERTNESS and presence. 

When your levels of noradrenaline are LOW, you feel:

  • A lack of energy
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Trouble focusing
  • And disconnected

All of this adds up to an unproductive day with your task list piling up, and you’ll have trouble communicating and connecting with others and difficulty keeping your projects and deadlines straight.

Not a great way to get to the next level of your career or increase your business growth.

The GOOD news is your noradrenaline levels don’t have to stay that way. You CAN boost your noradrenaline to optimal levels.

It’s a tricky neurochemical however, because TOO much and you’ll feel wired. You’ll burn out fast. You want to find that zone of magic where you’re in the sweet spot without overkill.That’s when you unlock a gentle extension of focused attention that lights up your brain, with the ability to control your focus throughout the day. 

The best two Nootopia formulas for noradrenaline are Nectar X and Zoned In.


7. Adrenaline: The Molecule Of Aggression

When you hear the word “adrenaline” what do you think of? Maybe you think of:

  • Stress
  • Fear 
  • Your heart racing
  • Feeling your heartbeat throbbing in your temples
  • Or rapid breathing

Yes – Adrenaline is an important neurochemical for keeping us safe in dangerous moments where we need heightened senses or a flood of energy.  But many people don’t know how adrenaline can be used for SUCCESS.  The optimal levels of adrenaline can transfer your performance for athletic endeavors, workouts and other situations that require intensity and aggression.

It’s possible to access adrenaline without tipping over into fear or the physical signs of stress. When you are in control of your adrenaline levels, some pretty incredible things happen:

  • You’re able to push through barriers
  • You rise to the next level of focus to push your projects forward
  • You surge with intensity and drive, key for any physical task…
  • And your mental drive gets combined with your physical capacity to DO IT

Listening to aggressive music is one of the best free ways to activate adrenaline.  What type of music is best for adrenaline differs.  For some it’s rock and metal, others its EDM and gangster rap. 

Many people including fighters, soldiers and athletes are able to generate adrenaline on demand.  They’ve learned how to activate it by switching into an aggressive, high-performance state.

Nootopia has created effective stacks that will boost your adrenaline including Power Solution and Zoned In.

Optimal adrenaline levels = More gets DONE. Now, if you’ve been struggling lately to get things done, there’s a 10 minute solution for that. 

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