5 Phases That Unlock Your Brain’s Superpowers

When you choose Nootopia, you’ll begin your journey to unlocking your brilliance within. You’ll experience the pinnacle of brain-enhancing supplements.
How to increase BDNF naturally

Welcome to Nootopia — the ultimate guide to reaching your “God Mode.”

Watch this video and learn how to use these breakthrough brain stacks to multiply your brain performance overnight, boost your focus, your mood, your mental stamina, and crush your goals.
You’re in for a deep, fun adventure. These breakthrough brain stacks and PERSONALIZED formulas are going to help you become THE MAESTRO OF YOUR MIND. You’ll be able to wake up and choose how you want to be every day by using your new tools to shift your brain in whatever state you want.

Here are the 5 Phases that will unlock your brain’s superpowers over the next 2 months: 

1. The Brain Goals: Find and create stacks that:

  1. Bring your brain and performance to 100% of its true potential every single day.
  2. Activate and shift your brain into specific STATES that make it easier for you to succeed at your goals.
  3. Unlock NEW states that you’ve never experienced before.

2. Experimentation

We include a 30-day Guided Nootopia Journey with your order to make it smooth, fun, and easy to follow...

By systematically testing the stacks, you’re going to figure out which blends and combos are magical for your brain. There are dozens and dozens of ways you can combine your personalized nootropic blends. We’ll also include a one-page “cheat code sheet” to make it easier to understand each product. Keep experimenting and HAVE FUN.

EXPERIMENTATION is a very important part of finding the ideal combinations, timing, and dosages for YOU, your circadian rhythms, your neurochemistry, and your goals. For instance, in meetings my goal is to connect with the people I’m speaking with, so I like to take a few sprays of Zamner Juice just before going on Zoom.

“Attack Dose” and Timing Matters: You’re going to figure out the right “attack dose” (which means your starter dose) and speed-of-dosing for each stack. For instance, drinking Nectar X and Power Solution at the right attack dose and pace makes a big difference. 

For example, if you drink ½ right away it may either be a good starting point or it might be too much for you. If so, start with ¼ and then sip the rest over a few hours to stream in the ingredients at the right velocity to get your brain to its peak state and keep it there.

3. Neurogenesis 

Neurogenesis is when your brain and neurons grow and form in new ways, which is one of the key benefits of using the Nootopia stacks over time. This means the positive effects are going to build up and “level up” your brain’s baseline

This also means that they get more and more effective over time. We’ve seen this with virtually every client; that after a few doses of the Breakthrough Brain Stacks, they are much more effective than in the beginning.

4. Optimization 

Optimization #1: We’re going to tweak each formula based on your monthly feedback and get them PERFECT for you. We usually get it “just right for you” within 2 or 3 cycles. Is Power Solution too strong? We can dial back the “stimulation”. Want it stronger? We’ve got you.

Optimization #2: You can shift your stacks each month. If there’s a stack you don’t enjoy, you can swap it for another stack. Plus, we will constantly be releasing NEW stacks for you to experience. 

The journey to God Mode is less of an event and more of a process. You’re in control. You could take it as far as Neptune and back, or bring it to heights more astonishing than Elon Musk flawlessly doing Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk, if you’d like.

Also, if you want, you can change the frequency of your orders. Some people can stretch “World Domination” to 2 months.

However, be aware that the combinations are almost endless. We are also coming out with more foundational formulas to create more stacking possibilities in the next few months.

5. Apex Performance 

Apex Performance happens once you dial in your nervous system, neurochemistry, and hormones to the sweet spot. You’ll be able to perform and feel at your absolute best. This is when you’ve achieved your goal of feeling and performing at optimal levels. This is when you’ve got your states dialled in and you’re able to shift to whatever you want.

And speaking of the nervous system… For optimal performance, a great Powermove (and more in my next blog posts) is to ramp down the nervous system by using relaxers in the evening and weekends. 

Here’s a list of the best relaxers:

  • Magnesium
  • L-Theanine
  • Lavender Oil
  • Ashwagandha
  • Reishi
  • CBD

You can try any of these options to see how your body responds, and pick the ones most effective for you.

If you’re ready to start your journey to God Mode, you can select the stack that best suits your goals. Click HERE to learn more about them and select yours.

Again, it’s all about experimenting, having fun, and unlocking your brilliance within.

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