The Mental Horsepower You Need to Become a Cognitive Performance Badass

Mental performance is a state of mind. Something I've noticed in Uber performers: they are acutely aware of their mind, and know how to reign it in when it's going down a “less than kick-ass” path.

Mental performance is a state of mind.

When their mind says, “you’re too tired to do one more mile,” they counter with a smile. A knowing nod to their purpose. Which overrides that failure response with an “I bet I can post a personal best in this last mile.”

It sounds easy.

But in practice, most people fold to that first voice. Rather than rewrite the script with a vengeance.

Applied to Nootropics, you become a cognitive performance badass.

By communicating that you are an indomitable force, you empower neurogenesis to reinforce that higher state of being.

You signal to every facet of your neurology and physiology that you are ready to take on whatever events necessary in order to thrive.

Watch this video and learn how to use your breakthrough brain stacks as the fastest, most powerful way to upgrade your brain, triple your focus, and activate your genius.

It’s not that the Nootropics do the work for you. They’re the enabling technology that provides the horsepower you need, once you’ve made the decision to succeed— And in my next blog post, I’ll tell you how to find your mental “stimulation sweet spot”.

But, and this is a big but: inaction begets inaction. Action begets performance.

And speaking of performance… Here’s a major brain performance Powermove: Increases blood flow to the brain by taking CogniBiotics. Stress (more on how to improve your stress resilience in my next email), poor blood vessel health, oxidative stress, and low blood pressure can reduce blood flow to the brain. 

When the brain gets reduced blood flow, it doesn’t get healthy levels of oxygen and nutrients. The deprivation can cause fatigue, brain fog, poor cognitive function, and low mood. The herbal blend in CogniBiotics counteracts this and normalizes brain blood flow.

Now, when I want sharper focus and improved concentration, I take Nootropics because it’s the fuel that gives me those results. My brain improved so much that I was able to out-think and outsmart my competition. My business success skyrocketed. And I want you to experience these states of mind too.

Make your #winning decision.

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