To All WebNutrients Customers…


From the desk of Mark Alan Effinger:

Dear Incredible Clients, Customers, Supporters, Sojourners of WebNutrients…

I cannot tell you how much you mean to me. What you helped set in motion created a new industry: Nootropics.

And because of your efforts and your word-of-mouth, we were eventually discovered.

18 months ago, a miracle happened: Matt Gallant, A highly respected CEO in the nutrition industry spotted our funky hybrid capsules and neon green test tubes in a Facebook post from a lifelong customer.

Over the last 14 months Matt and Wade’s company, BiOptimizers, has taken us under their wing. Guided us and invested in our growth. And proved that they are as committed as we are to not only product and business integrity, but also to making a massive impact in the world.

No compromise.

Nootopia is the result of thousands of experiments in optimizing our stacks. The ones you know and love. But with an even better understanding of how each product complements the others.

As a result, Nootopia is so much more than a new name. It’s an actual SYSTEM. A process for maximizing the benefits of the stacks. A 30-Day Journey to Rock your cognitive performance. An App that helps you track your progress and lets our personalization team know exactly how to make your next order better than the last.

Below you’ll find all the new names for your favorite formulas. Don’t see your favorite? Don’t worry. More formulas are coming.

So, dear friends, I invite you to join us in the next phase of the journey…I assure you, it is better. More effective. More complete. Much more engaged.

I hope you’ll join me in this next phase of growth and with that, I thank you. And look forward to having you join me in this ever-expanding adventure.

Grace & Peace,


Nootopia’s purpose is one thing: help activate and maximize your genius.

Nootopia gives you a whole new access to high performance states that will multiply your productivity, boost your mood and help you BE the best version of yourself… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

9 Game-Changing Formulas

4 Breakthrough Brain Stacks

Infinite Customization

Mr. Noots has been working on perfecting 9 ground-breaking formulations for years. Every single one of them produces profound improvements in your brain’s capabilities.

For the last decade, he’s conducted thousands of experiments to find the most synergistic combinations and has created 4 breakthrough stacks.

Then, we customize YOUR order based on YOUR feedback form. Every pill is customized based on your goals, genetics, and data. And then we make one pill at a time.

These Are NOT Mass-Produced Supplements.

This is The Ultimate in Personalized Brain-Optimizing Nootropics.

We could write 50 more pages of text explaining the formulas. However, we’re going to give you the high-level breakdown of the 9 formulas and the 4 brain stacks.
Nootropic Core Formula #1

Previously known as "MINDXLR8R"


This is one of my favorites. It provides me with a potent all-day boost.

Power Solution is a potent energy, mind, and life-enhancer that is fast-acting, easy to use, delicious, natural, ketogenic, and guaranteed effective.

All-day energy without jittery crashes

Maximum mental clarity and concentration

Elevated mood and positivity

Insane mental stamina that feels limitless

Each 4oz bottle (120ml) has 4 doses of concentrated nootropics.

Power Solution allows you to drink your way to mega-gains in learning, memory, and speed-of-thought.

It contains a combination of 31 powerful, naturally grown and extracted nootropics, and brain-enhancing nutrients. Custom-blended in super-clinical doses.

5 minutes after your first sip, your mental energy and optimism will improve as you find productivity comes easier. Creativity and “Flow State” are available on-demand.

Developed over 7 years of daily trials and tests, Power Solution leverages decades of scientific research and modern plant extraction technologies.

Nootropic Core Formula #2

Previously known as "HappyCaps"


Upbeat is a custom blend of 7 of the most notable nootropics available that lifts your mood.

Upbeat is one of my favorites to add with other Nootropic Core Formulas because it balances out the intensity. It boosts my mood. It makes me smile and be UPBEAT.

I use it when I’m going to be speaking to other people and I want to maximize my EQ (emotional intelligence). It’s a key component of two of our Breakthrough Brain Stacks.

Upbeat consists of custom-blended capsules of natural nootropics, herbal mood enhancers, and mental "accelerators".

Simply take one capsule first thing in the morning for improved energy, clarity, and focus.

In addition to mental confidence, clarity, focus, and energy, you can experience:

An increased level of confidence in decision-making

A happier “vibe” and sense of well-being

More creativity and creative output

More ambition, with the focus to complete projects

Become a “super learner”

Experience empathy

A reduction in tension and aggravation

Upbeat is based on more than 30 years of scientific research.

Nootropic Core Formula #3

Previously known as "One cap" or "The Mark"


With proper neurotransmitter support and hormone production, The Apex inhibits activity between neurons.

This results in soothing your system, cleansing your energy, creating a state of calmness, boosting energy, creativity and focus.

The Apex improves synaptic choline levels and oxygen to the brain. Synapses fire faster and with more effectiveness.

The Apex can help you:

Increase mental performance (memory/recall, focus, stamina)

Boost Neurogenesis (your brain’s rejuvenation)

Work twice as many hours in a day (if needed)

Provide greater levels of optimism and positivity

Nootropic Core Formula #4

Previously known as "HyperFocus DRIVE"


This is my favorite for “deep workdays”. The days where you want to maximize your output.

The inability to focus is a debilitating condition. But optimized, the focused mind can be the most powerful asset in your world.

Focused Savagery is a powerful new way to regain control of your mind while also rebuilding your brain.

Focused Savagery is a combination of 21 powerful, natural nootropics and brain-enhancing nutrition, in clinically proven doses.

Taken with oil and another component of this stack, the nutrients in this formula will pass through the blood-brain barrier and immediately activate the parts of the brain that provide deep focus.

Then, over the next 3–6 hours, your drive and ability to follow-through on tasks will peak. Your motivation will increase as you find productivity comes easy. And yet, creativity is still easy to access.

Nootropic Core Formula #5

Previously known as "NZT-48"


Nectar X is a powerful drink that will turn on your brain and get you ready for epic days.

It consists of a custom-blended 16g tube of nootropics in a powdered mix.

It also comes with a capsule of highly-concentrated nootropic “boosters” to extend the nootropic half-life up to 12+ hours. Don’t worry, I’ve never had issues falling asleep. The effects will wear off by early evening.

Simply mix in 24 oz of water. Drink for intense presence, energy, and clarity. Or sip from morning through the afternoon for a balanced level of energy, clarity, and focus.

This drink has a wide range of benefits that seem almost too good to be true, including:

Feeling immediate levels of increased optimism

Elevated sex drive and performance

Greater energy for exercise, metabolism, muscle-building

More ambition and “drive” to get stuff done

Greater learning and retention of new information

Increases levels of serotonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine - big for mood

Improves neurogenesis (stimulation of new brain cells)

It can even help you break unhealthy habits!

Nootropic Core Formula #6

Previously known as "Brain Lube"


This is another one of my favorites to stack with other blends. That’s why we include it with 2 of the Breakthrough Brain Stacks.

Brain Flow is a formula that comes in brand new oil suspension capsules, representing the next evolution of our powerful, plant-based nootropics.

Brain Flow combines the most proven, tightly integrated nootropic powder stack (internal capsule) with a concentrated organic nootropic oil blend to potentiate all ingredients.

This breakthrough oil delivery system brings the nootropics to your brain.

Each dose can help you:

Reduce brain and neurological inflammation (key for slowing aging)

Increase bioavailability of other nutrients (feel more of everything!)

Eliminate feelings of anxiousness and tendency toward fear

Gently lift performance in a VERY extended, calm manner

Brain Flow uses a super unique encapsulation process – where the external vegetarian oil capsule is specially constructed to NOT dissolve in stomach acid.

Instead, it begins dissolving as the PH of the GI tract moves from acid to base, keeping the benefits of the oils intact, so you receive much greater bioavailability and performance in a smaller capsule.

Then, the interior nootropic powder capsule dissolves even further down the upper intestine, and as the GI tract PH approaches 6.2-7.0 PH, it slowly releases the nootropics into the bloodstream.

It’s there they combine with the nootropic and anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic oils to bond and be carried past the blood-brain barrier, getting to work on your synapses for an all-day increase in cognitive performance, with just a blush of energy.

Nootropic Core Formula #7 and #8

Previously known as "MentalReset"


Mental Reboot is perfect to clear brain fog. Had a night out? Ate too much? Drink too much? Didn’t sleep well?

Mental Reboot is a custom blend of 9 of the most notable “brain cleaners” and a custom nootropic.

The formula consists of custom-blended natural clarifiers, nootropics, and neuron accelerators. You get both an A.M. Mental Reboot and a P.M. Mental Reboot.

Take it on your off days for improved clarity, engagement, and response to nootropics, meds, and stimulants. Can be used any time, day or night.

In addition to the obvious detox, Mental Reboot can help you experience:

Reduce brain and neurological inflammation (key for slowing aging)

Increase bioavailability of other nutrients (feel more of everything!)

Eliminate feelings of anxiousness and tendency toward fear

Gently lift performance in a VERY extended, calm manner

Mental Reboot is based on more than 12 years of scientific research.

Like all of these stacks, it leverages breakthroughs in natural extraction and compounding. It’s worked powerfully for every client Mr. Noots has given it to, in order to elevate performance and success.

Nootropic Core Formula #9

Previously known as "Happy Juice"


I LOVE ZAMNER JUICE! “Zamner” is a word Wade created that means “going beyond the beyond.” I would define it as “WE’RE GOING DEEP!” It’s one of those words you would hear us use if we were hanging out together.

It’s a super delicious spray that you feel almost immediately, raising your sense of mental well-being – sometimes providing outright euphoria.

Zamner Juice is designed to sustainably stimulate dopamine, serotonin, and GABA production – essential neurotransmitters for a positive mood.

Just keep Zamner Juice on your desk and take a few sprays to get optimized for meetings.

Zamner Juice can help provide:

Fewer nervous or jittery/fearful feelings

More natural enthusiasm, positivity, and joy

Major gains in mental clarity and sharpness

Faster learning for anything you need to be great at


4 Game-Changing, Synergistic

Breakthrough Brain Stacks

Breakthrough Brain Stack #1

Nectar X + Brain Flow

This stack is the ultimate in near-immediate cognitive performance.

You’ll notice a rapid increase in focus, clarity, ability to process information, recall, and overall brain agility.

This is the ideal stack for working on tasks where you must concentrate intensely for hours at a time.

Breakthrough Brain Stack #2

Power Solution + Upbeat

This stack primarily works on mood and your ability to be upbeat and verbally adept. Boost your verbal fluency and boost your emotional intelligence.

It’s the perfect stack to help take your communication to “Steve Jobs-level” persuasiveness. It’s also ideal for social situations, where charm and the ability to speak is important.

It’s also excellent for anyone who does sales or communications of any kind in their work, whether it’s 1-on-1 or to an audience (including digital communications like webinars and podcasts).

Breakthrough Brain Stack #3

The Apex + Brain Flow

This stack takes you deeper into both performance and neurogenesis, helping you to build new brain cells as you work.

It literally rejuvenates your brain and neurotransmitters so that the hard-charging work that you do doesn’t drain you – it actually renews you.

Imagine getting better and your brain getting younger with every single day.

Breakthrough Brain Stack #4

Focused savagery + Upbeat

This is the one for BIG, deep workdays.

A huge part of your brain performance comes down to your relationship between mood and motivation. Haven’t you noticed that when you’re feeling mentally “low” or down, that your energy for work and goals is greatly decreased?

This stack solves that issue – and helps you elevate your mood, motivation, and focus all together as one – so that you can focus on your highest vision and goals.

We’re hooking you up with multiple stacks because this gives you the power to optimize your brain for every single day.

Need to boost your focus? Take Deep Work Support.
Talking to people? Use the Social Command Stack.

You’ll Become a Master of Your Mind™ with these 4 Breakthrough Brain Stacks.

Every Single Pill Is 100% Personalized Based on Your Unique Brain Chemistry

The revolutionary ordering process is unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past.

After you place your order, we will ask you a few simple questions that will help us understand your brain and lifestyle, so that the formulas can be personalized for you. It takes just 3 minutes.

This process takes into account a variety of critical variables that allow Mr. Noots and our team to fully personalize each of the 9 formulas for you.

That’s right – every formula, every capsule, every drink and every item you receive in your package will be tailored to your unique brain chemistry and your goals…

And once you try the stacks, you’ll understand exactly why he does this.

This Is The Future of Nootropic Supplementation – and The Future Is Now… You Experience It First.

We’ve Designed 3 Different Levels to Match Your Goals, Budget, and Desired Level of Domination.



This is theThe perfect stack for people who want to have something for challenging days.

That means… for 3 days each week where you really need to be hyper-focused, energized, and productive – you’ll have the ultimate brain boost at your disposal.

Have an important meeting and want to be in a perfect state?

Are you talking? Presenting? Selling? Pitching? Coaching?

Do you need to access your best creative thinking?

This package gives you 12 doses that you can use to activate your Brilliance on-Demand.

Brilliance on Demand includes:

4x Genius Activator Nectar X + Brain Flow

4x The Neuro Primer The Apex + Brain Flow

4x Deep Work SupportFocused Savagery + Upbeat



This is forFor people who want to be in a peak state every workday.

This is the right level for entrepreneurs, CEOs, writers, and creative people who are pushing the edge.

You’ll get 23 potent doses per month. You can “dose up” Monday through Friday and absolutely crush everything on your plate…

Whether you need to be focused for hours at a time (and have the mental stamina for 10+ hour days)…

Or you need extra motivation to push on your most ambitious work, personal goals, and tight deadlines…

You’re also getting a powerful booster that’s one of our favorites called “Zamner Juice.” You can spray it while you work to give your brain a boost in serotonin and GABA. It tastes awesome and you’ll feel it in 3-5 minutes.

You’re also going to get a Mental Reboot. Mental Reboot is an AM/PM stack that helps clear your brain fog (even if you stayed up late and did a bit of partying).

The “Focused Ferocity” bundle will help power your brain in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Focused Ferocity includes:

6x Genius Activator Nectar X + Brain Flow

6x Social Command Power Solution + Upbeat

5x The Neuro Primer The Apex + Brain Flow

6x Deep Work SupportFocused Savagery + Upbeat

5x Mental Reboot

1 Bottle of Zamner Juice30 Doses per bottle


World Domination

This is theThe package for people who want to conquer their worlds and win huge.

World Domination is similar to Focused Ferocity, but with a few extra doses, more “boosters,” and recovery components. We’re talking total dominance.

It also includes more Mental Reboots plus more Zamner Juice to help “reset” and optimize your brain and recovery – so that you can maximize the benefits of each dose.

This is what I personally take – when I push hard, fast, and deep on weekdays… and recover, rejuvenate, and reset on weekends.

World Domination is for peak performers who want to truly maximize their brain’s potential every single day.

If you’ve got money riding on your brain performance and overall well-being… this is an absolute no-brainer investment.

World Domination includes:

7x Genius Activator Nectar X + Brain Flow

7x Social Command Power Solution + Upbeat

6x The Neuro Primer The Apex + Brain Flow

6x Deep Work SupportFocused Savagery + Upbeat

10x Mental Reboot

2 Bottles of Zamner Juice30 Doses per bottle

30-Day Guided Journey To Begin Your Adventure Toward Peak Performance Mode and Ultimate States of Mind

With 9 game-changing formulas, you might feel like the possible combinations would be endless or confusing.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

The 30-Day Guided Journey will help you kickstart your adventure with nootropics and get you started on the road towards epic brainpower.

You’ll be able to follow along day by day in a simple, guided discovery of our recommended combinations for peak mental performance.

We’ll break down each day’s suggested formula (or combination of formulas), when to take it that day, and what you can expect to feel.

You’ll learn your favorite formulas and combinations quickly, and open the door to new combinations you want to try for the ultimate states of mind for crushing your long work days, letting your creative juices flow, and taking on each day with newfound focus and positivity.

You can even download the app “Nootopia” and track your first 30 days from your phone.

In the app you’ll also be able to easily track how each formula and combination makes you feel. With that feedback, we’ll be able to tweak and perfect your personalized formulas for your unique brain chemistry to become more and more effective for you each month.

Here’s Everything You Get with Your Personalized Brain Optimization Program



Brilliance On Demand

Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
Genius Activator

Nectar X + Brain Flow







The Neuro Primer

The Apex + Brain Flow







Deep Work Support

Focused Savagery + Upbeat







Social Command

Power Solution + Upbeat





Mental Reboot

AM/PM Doses





Zamner Juice

30 Doses Per Bottle





Free Bonuses
Personalized Formula

In every single capsule

Shipping & Handling




Retail Price

BEN GREENFIELD biohacker, nutritionist, and New York Times bestselling author

"Holy cow. My Nootopia box full of brain-boosting goodies is now the "secret weapon" in my pantry.

Let's face it: I've used just about every nootropic, smart drug and even microdosed psychedelic known to humankind and I guarantee you this stuff is a total game-changer - plus it's tons of FUN to experiment with all their different brilliant blends.

Kudos to Matt and Wade for this brain breakthrough!"

We’ve already covered the formulas, ingredients, and stacks – here are just a couple of notes about the bonuses here:

Just Look At The Growing Number Of Reviews On The Power Of These Nootropics

“Noticeable difference in my mood and mental endurance”

— Luke, social media marketing agency owner and avid biohacker


“The best nootropics I’ve ever tested”

— Jesse Elder, action philosopher and entrepreneur

I Invested Six Figures in My Brain… And It’s Made Me Millions.

Keep in mind that many pharmaceutical doses of nootropics can run you $5-10 per dose… and come with a barrage of nasty side effects.

As I mentioned a moment ago, I’ve personally invested over $150,000 in my brain over the last 5 years.

And guess what?


Because I can directly tie millions of dollars in earnings to my brain performance, and millions more in future earnings, no doubt.

And if your earning capacity depends on your brain, this is going to give you the massive edge you’ve been looking for.

Of all that money invested, nootropics – especially from Mr. Noots – has delivered some of the best ROI…

Because there’s nothing that compares to the feeling of being “ON” every day… feeling focused ferocity… breakthrough creativity… laser-beam concentration for hours… relentless drive, confidence, energy, and an upbeat mood that gives me the emotional intelligence to connect with everyone I talk to.

Mr. Noots has helped me make 2020-2021 my most productive years ever, despite all the COVID challenges.

And I want 2022 to be YOUR most productive and lucrative year ever…

Guaranteed For One Full Year

(Or Adjusted Until You Get Your Brain Breakthrough)

Mr. Noots is so confident that these formulas are unlike anything you’ve ever tried…

That means you don’t have just 30, 60, or even 90 days… you literally have ONE FULL YEAR to decide whether this is truly a game-changer for your brain.

What this means is:

1. Pick a subscription. Try it out at no-risk. SEE what a difference it makes…

2. In the unlikely event you’re not blown away, you can cancel and get a refund on the previous month (and you have an entire year to decide)…

3. You can also request a “reformulation” – which means Mr. Noots' and his team will adjust the product for you and send you a new batch…

That way, you are ensured that it is delivering the effect you want…

This is an unprecedented guarantee – especially given the cost of Mr. Noots extraction process and these formulas.
But, he’s committed to you upgrading your brain in ways you’ve never experienced before.

More Than Any Other Factor in Life, Your Brain Determines Your Wealth, Success, Even Your Happiness

Once you try these formulas, I’m confident you’ll agree.

We’ve been testing these products and formulas for the better part of 2020, working hard to refine these unique plans – and make them available to you.

Thanks to our system and team we’ve developed, your program can be customized based on a simple 3-minute questionnaire.

Yes, 3 minutes is all it takes to have the ultimate nootropic formulas personalized for your brain.

It’s all available via this risk-free test-drive – because you’re protected by our 365‑day money-back guarantee…

Frankly, I think this is the easiest decision ever.

Especially if you make money with your brain.

If you want “focused ferocity” with peak focus and endless stamina…

If you want superhuman motivation and elevated mood each day…

If you want a steel-trap memory and more creative problem-solving capacity…

Then investing in one of these three options is the surest way to get there.


Matt Gallant


P.S. If you want better brain performance, a whole new level of focused ferocity, and mental stamina — this is it. Mr. Noots’ patented extraction and synergistic formulation process is THE most advanced brain-boosting nutrient program available in the world today. Period.

P.P.S. Remember, you’re risking absolutely nothing by testing your personalized noot subscription for yourself. You’re totally protected by our 365-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?

Let’s be clear. These formulas and stacks are STRONG. That’s what makes them so powerful in terms of upgrading your brain performance.

But remember that they are NATURAL and not pharmaceuticals. So, there are no significant side effects, no crashing, no crazy heart racing – if anything, they’re a lot milder than the energy drinks or super strong coffee many people consume.

What will I feel?

Is this safe?

Is this addictive?

Which subscription is right for me?

What if I want to change my subscription?

How fast will it begin working?

How do I know it will work for me?

How will I know it’s actually doing something?

Is there caffeine in it? Am I going to get jitters/heart beating fast? Will I feel “jacked”?

Will it affect my sleep?

I have had depression. Will this help me?

Do I have to take this forever?

Are there any contraindications or risks?

Can I still drink coffee/tea?

How do I take my stack?

When do I take each stack?