Why Glucose Is Key For Your Best Brain Performance

Today, I have a couple more easy brain hacks to share with you, and more to come in my next blog posts. Let’s start with Performance Enhancing Powermove: Glucose as a performance enhancer...

Nootropics eat glucose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The brain is primarily made of DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid, an omega-3 fatty acid), but the brain is fueled by glucose. It CAN run on ketones, however, key areas of thinking are still dependent upon glucose to function. 

If you find yourself “nooted up” but you’re struggling to find the right words and phrases, it’s likely because your high-performance, nootropics-enhanced brain is starving for glucose.

You don’t need a lot of carbs to optimize this. You just need 10-20 grams: 

  • A handful of grapes
  • A glucose shot
  • Honey-laced tea
  • Or a long-burn carbohydrate like steel-cut oats dusted with cinnamon

When you’re in a high-performance event (all-day meeting, big pitch, playing a championship Chess match, hardcore brain training), you can bump up your glucose a bit more. The key with glucose is to STREAM IT IN by sipping a beverage or by eating slower digesting, complex carbs such as rice, oatmeal, etc. 

In your 30-day Guided Journey you’ll get many more hacks to boost nootropics effects. Plus, you’ll learn the best combinations, time of day, and on what days to take them to experience epic mental states.

Now, let’s move on to our next Performance Enhancing Powermove: Minimize or avoid weed, alcohol, and meds.

Nootropic stacks are “blunted” by bong hits (THC specifically), excess levels of alcohol, and many meds. If you’re committed to getting high and drunk, then we suggest waiting until night and using Mental Reboot to help you recover and be ready for the next day.

Mental Reboot is specifically formulated to help remove the detritus that accumulates in the brain from those drugs and meds. Take the night-time oral capsule and daytime sublingual, and you’ll eliminate most, if not all of those toxic residues. 
And if you want an extra boost in mental clarity and focus, here’s a great Powermove: Take probiotics to balance your neurotransmitters.

Symptoms of imbalanced neurotransmitters include anxiety, depression, irritability, and brain fog.

The probiotics in CogniBiotics produce neurotransmitters and ensure that they are in balance with each other. These probiotics also support the gut-brain axis to normalize excessive stress response. Therefore, some people may find that it improves mood, stress resilience, and cognitive function.

In my next blog post I’ll tell you how you can boost your brain performance with protein and fats so keep an eye on our blog page.

And if you haven’t already, get your breakthrough brain stacks and start your guided journey to God Mode and superhuman brain performance.

Experience your best neurotransmitter performance.

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