Finding Your “Stimulation Sweet Spot” To Unlock Apex Mental States

I have an epic performance-enhancing Powermove to share with you today: More is not better... Optimal is more. One of the core principles of Biological Optimization is to find the ideal dose of each nutrient for peak performance. This means that optimum performance isn't achieved by taking as much as possible. The goal is to get you to your ideal state, stay there, and avoid going beyond that. We are approaching brain optimization like a symphony. We want to have the full orchestra playing at the right volumes. You don’t want the cello or drums to “overpower” the rest of the orchestra. You don’t want to just hear “bass” in the mix.


One of the most important aspects of your neuro journey is to find your sweet spot when it comes to nervous system stimulation.

That’s where the “Apex Performance” is… AKA: The Zamner Zone.

When you take too much, you feel jitteriness, brain fog, a numbing of your senses, maybe a slight headache, and a dumbing down of your performance. When you take too little, you don’t activate the peak performance state you want.

Learn how to master your breakthrough brain stacks to experience the ultimate mental states every day with The Brilliant Mind Blueprint.

Especially in the case of Nectar X and Power Solution, it can mean sipping instead of chugging. See how your brain reacts to ¼ of the tube. Wait for the effect, then manage the dose as you learn how your mind responds to each Breakthrough Brain Stack.

To help you find your “stimulation sweet spot,” follow the 30-day Guided Nootopia Journey which is designed to slowly ramp you up into the stacks. This way you can easily see what works for you and what doesn’t. You can learn, “What’s too much?” “What’s not enough?”, and “What activates YOUR ZAMNER ZONE?”
Everyone is unique. Neurotransmitter dominance and deficiencies, hormones, and liver enzymes vary wildly per individual. Your response to Nootopia stacks changes based on your unique genetics, lifestyle, age, food intake, and other factors. Just follow the 30-day Guided Nootopia Journey and take notes. This will lead to major improvements in managing your performance and mental states.


What this means is that 1 cup of coffee will perform like 3-5 cups. We don’t use a lot of caffeine in our blends (unless you want us to because there are more effective ways to optimize your brain and energy). One of the issues you may encounter is feeling anxious drinking the same amount of caffeine that you used to. Especially with Power Solution, Focused Savagery, and Nectar X. 

Because of your individual genetics, this varies greatly. Some people are slow caffeine metabolizers and ½ a cup of coffee keeps them awake at night. Others can pound a double espresso and take a nap.

This is why we suggest using decaf or half-caf/half-decaf to create your coffee when you start the nootropics. If you’re super caffeine sensitive, start going decaf in the beginning of your nootropics journey– or you may just find yourself shooting lightning bolts, fireballs, and hail from your fingertips. 

Using my modified version of buttered coffee (which I’ll share in a future blog post) can take your experience to new heights. THE MAIN POINT IS: YOU MUST FIND YOUR OWN “SWEET SPOT” WHEN IT COMES TO CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION and this “sweet spot” is going to be very different than it used to be when you start using these Breakthrough Brain Stacks.

We have some strategies and suggestions for how you can pull your nervous system out of sympathetic mode. Powermove: The #1 mineral to optimize your nervous system — magnesium. It saved Wade and I from burn out. It’s healed our nervous systems more than anything else we’ve ever tried.  

Just as our nootropic stacks improve cognitive performance, some of these stacks also support and improve adrenal response (critical to managing how you handle stimulants, like coffee and energy drinks). 

It’s entirely possible to reverse damage you may have experienced from excess stress, poor diet, and even genetic issues that you had resigned to before now. 

They’re what helped to repair and optimize my alcohol and drug-damaged brain.
And I want you to experience the most effective brain and body stacks ever assembled. So if you still haven’t grabbed yours, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn about these breakthrough brain stacks and start your journey to apex brain performance.

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