Your Journey To Optimal Cognitive Function (God Mode)

Congratulations on starting your journey to unlocking your brilliance within. You're about to experience the pinnacle of brain-enhancing supplements. You're in for a deep, fun adventure. These four stacks and 8 PERSONALIZED formulas will help you become THE MAESTRO OF YOUR MIND. You'll be able to wake up each day, choose how you want to be every day, and have the tools to shift your brain to whatever state you want.
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Congratulations on starting your journey to unlocking your brilliance within. You’re about to experience the pinnacle of brain-enhancing supplements. 

You’re in for a deep, fun adventure. These four stacks and 8 PERSONALIZED formulas will help you become THE MAESTRO OF YOUR MIND. You’ll be able to wake up each day, choose how you want to be every day, and have the tools to shift your brain to whatever state you want. 

Within the next 60 days, Nootopia is going to help you unlock your personal “God Mode” by enhancing your cognitive functions.

Here are 5 phases that will unlock your brain’s superpowers over the next two months: 

1. Identify Your Brain Goals

Find and create brain stacks that: 

  1. Bring your brain performance to 100% of its true potential every single day. 
  2. Activate and shift your brain into specific STATES that make it easier for you to succeed at your goals. 
  3. Unlock NEW states that you’ve never experienced before. 

2. Experiment With Different Nootropics, Dosage, Timing, And Stacks

Please follow our 30-day guided Nootopia journey. By systematically testing the stacks, you will figure out which blends and combos are magical for your brain. There are dozens of ways to combine your personalized nootropic blends. We’ve also included the 1-page “cheat code sheet” to make it easier to understand each product. So keep experimenting and HAVE FUN. 

EXPERIMENTATION is essential for finding the ideal combinations, timing, and dosages for YOU, your circadian rhythms, neurochemistry, and goals. 

“Attack Dose” and Timing Matters: You’re going to figure out the right “attack dose” (which is your starter dose) and speed-of-dosing for each stack. For instance, drinking Nectar X and Power Solution at the right attack dose and pace makes a big difference.

For example, if you drink ½ right away, it may be a good starting point or too much for you. If so, start with ¼ and then sip the rest over a few hours to stream in the ingredients at the right velocity to get your brain to its peak state and keep it there. 

3. Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis is when your brain and neurons grow and form in new ways, which is one of the key benefits of using the Nootopia stacks over time. This means the positive effects will build up and “level up” your brain’s baseline. This also means that they get more and more effective over time. We’ve seen this with virtually every client; after a few doses of the Breakthrough Brain Stacks, they are much more effective than initially. 

4. Optimization

Optimization #1: We will tweak each formula based on your monthly feedback and get them PERFECT for you. We usually get it “just right for you” within 2 or 3 cycles. Is Power Solution too strong? We can dial back the “stimulation.” Want it stronger? We’ve got you. 

Optimization #2: You can shift your stacks each month. If there’s a stack you don’t enjoy, you can swap it for another stack. Plus, we will constantly be releasing NEW stacks for you to experience. The journey to God Mode is less of an event and more of a process. You’re in control. You get to take it as far as you like. 

Also, if you want, you can change the frequency of your orders. For example, some people can stretch the “World Domination” subscriptions to 2 months. 

However, be aware that the combinations are almost endless. We are also coming out with more foundational formulas to create more stacking possibilities in the next few months. 

5. Apex Performance 

Apex Performance happens once you dial in your nervous system, neurochemistry, and hormones to the sweet spot. You’ll be able to perform and feel at your absolute best. This is when you’ve achieved your goal of feeling and performing at your best. This is when you’ve got your states dialed in, and you can shift to whatever you want.

Your First 30 Days

The first month’s goal is to systematically guide you through the wide array of stacks and states possible with Nootopia. This is the experimentation phase. The 30-day Guided Journey is designed to give your brain a wide array of experiences to see what works best for you. Your feedback and experience from the first 30 days will help us guide your next month’s custom blends. Also, remember that you can swap various components each month also. 

We suggest starting with single blends before combining stacks. Every capsule and every mixture is already a complete hyper-effective stack by itself. Once you understand how your mind and body react to each individual blend, then you can start “stacking the stacks” to unlock even more powerful states. 

Our suggestion is to take weekends off to give your brain, receptors, and nervous system a little break and take Mental Reboot on one of those days to clean your brain.

Here are our suggestions for the first 30 days of your Nootopia Journey for people on the Focused Ferocity and World Domination subscriptions: 

Week One Of The Nootopia Journey

Day 1: You’ll start off by taking just Nectar X. This powerful formula will turn your brain on and prepare you for an epic day. Expect to feel greater energy, more endurance, mental clarity, and improved neurogenesis. To take it, mix the Nectar powder with 24 oz of water or any drink of your choice, drink half of it right away, and sip the rest over the next 2 hours. 

Pay attention to how it makes your body feel while drinking. It’s also essential to minimize your caffeine/coffee intake with this brain enhancer as it potentiates (which means it increases the caffeine’s effect). 

Day 2: Take the Apex capsule in the morning on an empty stomach (to allow the oils to metabolize and enter the bloodstream easily and ensure it is not competing with proteins that could blunt effectiveness). 

Apex helps you dominate the day by improving your synaptic choline levels and oxygen to the brain, resulting in synapses firing faster and more effectively. This is the Nootropic for optimal focus, creativity, and a long-lasting boost in energy.

Day 3:  Need a nootropic for stress? We’ve got you. Upbeat is a custom-blended capsule of natural nootropics, herbal mood enhancers, and mental accelerators. Take 1-2 capsules first thing in the morning for improved energy, clarity, and focus. 

It will help you boost your confidence in decision-making, have a greater ambition to pursue your goals, and feel a happier sense of well-being. Use this before speaking to other people to maximize your emotional intelligence (EQ) for a greater ability to connect and socialize with others.

Day 4: For the latter half of the week, start with half of our Power Solution. Expect to feel all-day energy without crashing and a boost in learning, memory, and speed of thought. However, this Nootropic is very strong. That’s why we suggest drinking HALF right away and sipping the rest slowly over the next three hours to see how it impacts your brain. For some people, a quarter tube of the Power Solution is more than enough.

Day 5: Take one capsule of Focused Savagery while minimizing your caffeine/coffee intake. This cognitive enhancer preloads your dopaminergic system and then triggers your brain to gently release the dopamine when necessary. You’ll get 6-10 hours of focus and insane levels of hyper-productivity via dopamine and GABA center stimulation and release.

Day 6: Take 4-6 sprays of Zamner Juice three times: first thing upon awakening, before lunch, and mid-afternoon. The spray increases the production of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA production–which are essential neurotransmitters that lead to next-level vigor, zen-like calmness, better moods, and mind expansion.

Day 7: The last day of the week is for Mental Reboot. Wake up and open the Mental Reboot AM capsule (pinkish) and pour the powder into your mouth and let it rest. It helps remove unwanted accumulations throughout the brain and re-sensitizes you to your nootropics and stimulants. A detoxified brain not only works better, but it experiences more potent effects. Take the Mental Reboot PM one hour before bed without opening the capsule.

Week Two of Nootopia Journey

Day 8: The last day of individual blends before moving onto real God mode stacking. Take one Brain Flow capsule on an empty stomach 45 to 60 minutes before or after eating. It will take roughly 30 minutes to kick in and last 4-6 hours.

Day 9: It’s time to get serious with the Breakthrough Brain Stacks. Over the following weeks, you’ll be taking four different stacks covering all aspects of brain performance to unleash your God Mode. First, you’ll start with the Genius Activator variation 1: Nectar X + Brain Flow. Expect to see near-immediate improvement in cognitive performance. You’ll notice a rapid increase in focus, mental endurance, mental clarity, recall, and brain agility.

The key to getting this right is adjusting your Nectar X dosage based on your first experience. For example, if you feel too much stimulation, try cutting your dose in half. Also, remember to adjust your coffee or caffeine intake accordingly.

Day 10:  The second Breakthrough Brain Stack is the Neuro Primer. Variation 1 includes 1 Apex and 1 Brain Flow. This stack deep dives into boosting your brain’s performance and neurogenesis by renewing your brain and neurotransmitters as you work. Take 1 Apex when you wake up, then take 1 Brain Flow two hours later.

Day 11: Introducing the third Breakthrough Brain Stack: Social Command. This stack helps you take charge of social situations by boosting your EQ and verbal fluency. The first variation is 1 Upbeat and 1 Power Solution. Start with 1 Upbeat capsule as soon as you’re awake, and an hour later, mix the Power solution in 24 oz of water. 

Again, be sure to adjust the dosage according to your previous experience and minimize your coffee intake. For people that are more sensitive to stimulants, 20% of a Power Solution tube is enough.

Day 12:  The Deep Work stack is for lasting deep focus, intense drive, and greater mood and motivation to pursue your goals. The first variation is 1 Upbeat and 1 Focused Savagery. Take Upbeat after you wake up and Focused Savagery 2 hours later for a whole day of hyper-productivity. While taking this stack, adjust your caffeine/coffee dosage based on your first few experiences.

Day 13: After all that brain work, the brain needs a nootropic off day to be resensitized. This will improve its response to nootropics, medications, and stimulants. Cue the Mental Reboot AM/PM capsules. It detoxifies the brain and builds major gains in mental clarity and sharpness while reducing nervousness/anxiety.

Day 14: Rest day – your brain has been on the grind. It’s time to give it and its receptor a break.

Day 15 – 30: This is a repeat of the four stacks with different variations to unlock your brain’s maximum focus, concentration, and creativity.
By the end of the 30 days, your brain state will perform at its true potential, making it easy to succeed at your goals and unlocking your cognitive “God Mode” status.

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