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How to Detox Your Brain

By Mr. Noots / March 14, 2024 /

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, our brains often bear the brunt of constant stimulation, stress, and exposure to various day-to-day chemicals

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Adaptogens and Nootropics

By Mr. Noots / January 13, 2024 /

In today’s fast-paced world, mental agility and resilience are more valuable than ever. People are turning to health and wellness supplements to enhance their cognitive abilities and manage stress.

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Psychobiotics supplements: What are they? How do they work?

By Mr. Noots / November 14, 2023 /

What are psychobiotic supplements? Psychobiotics are probiotics and prebiotics that can deliver mental health and cognitive benefits through the gut-brain axis. Researchers are still understanding all the ways that gut bacteria can influence your mind, here are some ways by which gut bacteria and probiotics do so: Many herbs also work with gut flora to…

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Neuroplasticity Part 1: What Is Neuroplasticity? Diet, Lifestyle, and Biohacks

By Mr. Noots / September 29, 2023 /

In this article, you’ll learn about neuroplasticity, neuroplasticity types, and diet and lifestyle tips that enhance neuroplasticity. In the next article, we’ll cover powerful neuroplasticity-enhancing supplements. What Is Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity, often referred to as brain plasticity or neural plasticity, is the brain’s remarkable ability to reorganize itself, both functionally and structurally. This means your brain’s…

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Neuroplasticity Supplements, Herbs, and Nootropics

By Mr. Noots / September 28, 2023 /

Some supplements may support cognitive function and brain health, which could indirectly contribute to neuroplasticity. However, the effects can vary based on factors such as the specific supplement, individual differences, dosage, and overall health. Certain nutrients and compounds found in supplements for neuroplasticity may play a role in supporting brain health and cognitive function, which…

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Neurotransmitter Dominances: Definition, Traits, Genetics, and Support

By Mr. Noots / August 24, 2023 /

Neurotransmitter dominance is an active area of research since both genetics and environment shape your personality. The only way to directly measure neurotransmitters involves cutting the skull open, so none of the dominances come from direct measurements of neurotransmitter levels in humans.  Instead, most of these links are indirectly deduced from what we know about…

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How Do Sex Hormones Affect The Brain

By Mr. Noots / July 12, 2023 /

Mr. Noots and his team have been meticulously learning from his client feedback for as long as he’s been creating personalized nootropics. Early in his career, he noticed that some clients that were aging were not responding to the nootropics. Once he tried introducing pro-hormones such as DHEA and pregnenolone, his clients started to reap…

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5 Ways to Boost Your Cognitive Functions

By Mr. Noots / May 17, 2023 /

In Part 1, we explained the different cognitive functions and what neurotransmitters are essential to make them happen. Now, let’s talk about some strategies to help keep your cognitive functions in tip-top shape Get Enough Shut Eye Getting enough high-quality sleep is critical to support optimal cognitive functioning, and it can even enhance your performance…

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How Does Methylation Affect Brain Function And The Effectiveness Of Nootropics?

By Mr. Noots / March 29, 2023 /

It affects all your body functions including your brain function. It helps with neurotransmitter production, hormone regulation, detoxification, and DNA expression. In this article, you will learn what methylation is and how it affects your cognitive health. We will also explore how you can improve your methylation to improve your brain function. What Is Methylation? …

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Health Benefits Of 5-Htp: Sleep, Mood, Weight Loss, And More

By Mr. Noots / March 2, 2023 /

What Is 5-Htp, And Where Does It Come From? L-5-hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, comes from tryptophan which is an essential amino acid. Tryptophan hydroxylase is the enzyme that converts tryptophan to 5-HTP by adding a water molecule.  Furthermore, the process of decarboxylation yields serotonin, a neurotransmitter that’s crucial for cognition, learning, sleep, and mood. The conversion…

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