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Harvard Scientists Discover 4-Letter Nutrient That Makes You Feel
Calmer And Happier

— In Just Seconds Each Day

Taking this is the quickest, most effective way to feel better and relax better than you ever have before

Is your performance at work declining because your mood isn’t great?

Does it feel like your burnout and fatigue just keep getting worse each day?

Would you like to enjoy the good times that come with drinking alcohol without any of the negative side effects?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then pay close attention...
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Calmness ● Creativity ● Neurogenesis
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Because this shocking discovery — verified by a Harvard medical journal[1] — reveals the root cause of uneasy feelings, mental fatigue, and low mood.

And it promises a revolutionary, research-backed[2] new way to:
Increase tolerance to stressful

Increase tolerance to
stressful situations

Experience increased verbal fluency

Experience increased
verbal fluency

Be calmer throughout the day

Be calmer
throughout the day

Wake up refreshedd and energize

Wake up refreshed
and energized

rapidly feel good and more free flowing

rapidly feel good
and more free flowing

Yes, it’s almost hard to believe one
breakthrough can do all that.

This Will Turn Your Entire
Approach To Feeling Good
And Relaxed — Upside Down

Because as you’re about to see — virtually everything you’ve EVER been told about mood and tendency toward fear is totally wrong.

This means you’ll need to throw out all the other so-called “relaxation secrets” and “mood-enhancers” out there — like alcohol for example.

Because in the end… your transformation will only require that you sip this weird-but-delicious drink and follow a few simple tips.

Before you know it...

This strange yet tasty “remedy” will help you finally calm your jittery nerves, experience more extended, relaxed energy... and wake up feeling happier and ready to take on the day.

This Remedy Works By “Flipping the Calm Switch”
In Your Brain...

GABAlicious | Nootopia

To understand this remedy and why it flips the “calm switch” in your brain...

We must understand a 4-letter neurotransmitter called GABA.

GABA is actually an amino acid that — when it attaches to a protein — produces a natural calming effect.

Both your body and brain are loaded with GABA receptors.

Your body and mind WANT to be calm... relaxed... and free of worry or fear.

Especially in the evening when it’s time for bed, because according to Psychology Today[3] and other sources...

GABAlicious | Nootopia
“GABA enables the body and
mind to relax.”

And while alcohol can provide relaxed energy at the end of a long day, supplementing with GABA is a healthy alternative without the negative side effects, so that you can experience…

Happiness and Harmony
Without The Hangover

Happiness and Harmony Happiness and Harmony

We wanted to create something healthy for the brain and nutritious for the body. A formula we could make either stimulatory or chillaxing. 

We also wanted to make something that would be really fun for people to sip on and enjoy that quickly activates a positive mood within 5-10 minutes. 

However, this breakthrough formula is also important because when your body is lacking GABA, you can have some serious consequences.

This Hidden Deficiency
Turns Off Our Ability
to Feel Calm

Hidden Deficiency

The more stress and worry we have, the more our body uses up our GABA reserves.

Hidden Deficiency

Given that most people are in a state of perpetual stress (aka “fight or flight”) — it’s easy to see how they might quickly run low or virtually out of GABA.

This can create a whole cascade of other problems...

For instance, a Yale study[4] found that stress can cause abdominal fat in otherwise slender women.

According to the Mayo Clinic[5], the activation of the stress-response system — and overexposure to stress hormones — can disrupt almost ALL your body’s processes.

Chronic stress and this product supports healthy GABA levels/functions levels can put you at increased risk of numerous health problems, including:

Feelings of nervousness

Feeling low or down

Digestive problems


Heart complications

Sleep problems

Weight gain

Memory and concentration issues

And so much more

But it gets worse...

How Chronic Stress
(And Low GABA)
Can Sabotage Your Sleep

Researchers have found that when GABA levels are low,sleep issues and even downright insomnia can increase.

In fact, one study found that GABA levels in people with insomnia were almost 30 percent lower than in people without it.[6]

And guess what?

This is why many so-called “sleep solutions” work by targeting your body’s GABA system.  

Because when your GABA switch is flipped ON, you feel calmer and can drift into sleep more easily. And you can wake up feeling more rested.

In fact, one study found that higher GABA levels improved “sleep latency” (how quickly you fall asleep).[7]

Seeing the importance of GABA and why most supplements were NOT doing the job — Mr. Noots set out to create the ultimate GABA solution.

He wanted to create a formula that would quickly and easily:

Calm your nerves and reduce apprehensive feelings

Feel more social, outgoing, and “better with words” (verbal fluency)

Boost your mood and overall sense of happiness

And enhance sleep so you wake up refreshed

Perhaps most importantly, he wanted the formula to not only work in the short-term... but also produce long-term changes as well.

After years of trial and error, experiments, and refinement
— he did it.

It’s called...

GABAlicious GABAlicious

And This Is The Ultimate GABA-Based Formula For Enhanced Mood And Calm Energy.

Nootopia GABAlicious Nootopia GABAlicious Nootopia GABAlicious

GABAlicious not only contains GABA , but also a full spectrum of supporting nutrients that help it work quickly— while also producing long-term changes in your mood, sleep, and overall ability to stay relaxed.

This delicious green apple- flavored nootropic drink is designed to:

Increase your happiness and confidence

Boost your teamwork and presentation skills

Enhance your all-day energy in a calm, relaxed way

Help you experience a balanced stress response

And improve your relationships with friends and family

This is all possible due to the unique blend of these key ingredients that melt
away your worries and produce the perfect state of relaxed happiness…

PharmaGABA PharmaGABA


One study was conducted to test if PharmaGABA® could help improve people's sleep quality. Over the course of 3 weeks, participants received 112 mg of PharmaGABA®. Results showed that subjects who received PharmaGABA®:

  • Fell asleep faster and easier with the ability to move to a state of deep sleep quicker. 
  • Experienced increased valuable non-REM sleep.
  • And consistently reported a more satisfying sleep experience upon waking [8]

PharmaGABA® creates a powerful "relaxation response," which helps you sleep better through the night.  PharmaGABA® is better absorbed than traditional GABA and when it binds to your GABA receptors, your nervous system calms down. 

The key for optimal performance is the amount of PharmaGABA®.  By having it in a drink, you can control the perfect amount for your BRAIN.

Fumaric Acid Fumaric Acid

Fumaric Acid

Fumaric acid is a natural acid found in our cellular energy production process and some fruits, such as papaya, plums, and pears.[9] In GABAlicious, we use fumaric acid to produce the sour green apple flavor.

Schizandrol-A Schizandrol-A


Schizandrol-A is an extract from the plant Schisandra, which is typically grown in North America, Asia, and China. Schizandra is considered by many health experts to be one of the ultimate adaptogens.  It helps to balance your body’s fight or flight response (something many of us modern movers and shakers could use a daily dose of).

Schizandrol-A improves mental abilities such as memory, concentration, and quick thinking. Additionally, schizandrol-A may help improve stamina, energy, and physical performance.[10]

Magnesium Glycinate Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate

Some benefits of magnesium glycinate include:

  • Reduced stress[10]
  • Strong bone health
  • Normal heart rhythms
  • Amplified exercise performance
  • Provides support for occasional pain
Zinc Orotate Zinc Orotate

Zinc Orotate

Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase the circulating levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in the brain. This is essential for learning and memory.[11] Zinc also plays a vital role in immune function.[12]



The active or coenzyme form of vitamin B-6 is pyridoxal-phosphate, often known as PLP, pyridoxal-5'-phosphate, or P5P. Amino acid metabolism, heme biosynthesis, neurotransmitter production, collagen creation, and glucocorticoid action all require P5P.

P5P regulates the electrical functioning of your neurons, heart, and musculoskeletal system, which helps balance salt and potassium levels. P5P also aids in the release of stored energy from your liver and muscles.[13]

Glycine Glycine


Glycine is an amino acid that your body uses to make proteins, which is required for tissue growth and maintenance as well as the production of vital compounds like hormones and enzymes. It may also improve sleep quality.[14]

Alpha GPC Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC

The phospholipid alpha-GPC, also known as alpha-glycerophosphocholine or choline alphoscerate, contains choline. Choline and glycerol-1-phosphate are produced during the metabolism of alpha-GPC after ingestion. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved in memory, attention, and the contraction of skeletal muscles, is a precursor to choline.[15]

Quercetin Quercetin


Quercetin is a naturally occurring pigment found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains.[16] Quercetin enhances memory, learning, and cognitive processes, and it has been demonstrated that all of these effects are related to its antioxidant characteristics.[17]

Blue Spirulina Blue Spirulina

Blue Spirulina

According to reports, spirulina aids in the body's production of serotonin, which regulates mood and relieves stress. Moreover, tryptophan, a component of spirulina, has been shown to support the body's melatonin production.[18]

Katemfe Katemfe


Katemfe is a fruit that is used as a sweetener due to the presence of thaumatin, a non-toxic, extremely sweet protein that is at least 3000 times sweeter than sucrose. The food and candy industries utilize thaumatin as a sweetener and taste enhancer. It is used as a non-caloric natural sweetener in place of artificial sweeteners.[20]

Malic Acid Malic Acid

Malic Acid

A short study conducted in Japan on 29 healthy young adult men examined the results of a unique milk protein drink that had been acidified with malic and citric acid.

Based on results from cognition tests, they discovered that the beverage may enhance cognition.[21]

Organic Green Apple Concentrate And Organic Apple Juice Organic Green Apple Concentrate And Organic Apple Juice

Organic Green Apple Concentrate And Organic Apple Juice

These natural apple-flavored ingredients give GABAlicious its delicious green apple flavor and bright green color.

Bamboo Silica Bamboo Silica

Bamboo Silica

Bamboo silica helps to safeguard our cognitive health by bolstering the connective tissues that surround the brain and spinal cord. In experiments on animals, silica from bamboo extract has been proven to enhance memory function.[22]

Taurine Taurine


Taurine is an amino acid that is very important to the brain. It helps support nerve growth. It helps calm the nervous system and mitigates age-related losses of memory and learning functions.[23] Studies show that taurine has brain-protective effects, reducing the damage associated with environmental toxins.[24]

Magnesium-L-Aspartate Magnesium-L-Aspartate


This is a more bioavailable and easily absorbed form of magnesium that delivers all the benefits of this “wonder mineral” (improved relaxation, sleep, heart and brain health, plus more) — without any of the intestinal discomfort that often comes from taking other forms of magnesium. One study found that it very effectively lowers fear and worry levels, making it the ultimate mineral to pair with GABA.[25]

L-Theanine L-Theanine


L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. It has a natural calming effect, allowing it to reduce uneasy feelings and promote relaxation without drowsiness. This makes it synergistic with caffeine and other stimulants, because it can soften their “edge” and reduce any jitters. L-theanine has been shown in studies to boost alpha brainwave activity, leading to a calmer and more joyful state.[26]

Acetyl-L-Tyrosine Acetyl-L-Tyrosine


Tyrosine is a well-known nutritional supplement that helps with focus, alertness, and attention. It generates crucial brain chemicals that aid in the communication of nerve cells and may even control mood.[27]

Guarana Guarana


The Brazilian plant, guarana, is indigenous to the Amazon basin. Guarana ​is super rich in antioxidants and contains a diverse set of stimulants, including caffeine and theobromine. Benefits include improved energy, improved focus, and increased learning.[28]

Huperzine-A Huperzine-A


Huperzine A is a compound derived from the Chinese club moss plant. Benefits of Huperzine A include memory enhancement and muscle relaxation.[29]


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Get Into The Zone,
Without Losing Your Edge

GABAlicious is perfect for executives in an intense environment who frequently need instant confidence to get up in front of a group of people and be professional. Anyone who wants to perform well and get into that zone of performance without losing the edge of clarity will benefit from this formula.

It is also for people who get tongue tied under occasional stress. It’ll feed the GABA and serotonin receptors so you have more verbal fluency without the worry. For introverts that want to perform well in an extrovert environment, it will swiftly abolish their fear of speaking.

GABAlicious | Nootopia GABAlicious | Nootopia
“Absolutely love this drink, my favorite product from Nootopia! I am a social person but with such a busy life sometimes [I] feel so tired or not in the mood. GABAlicious is always the perfect pick me up!”

~ Bernard J.

This will also work for athletes who want to optimize performance when working out without harsh stimulants. GABAlicious provides you with the ability to push more reps without caffeine. It simply gives you a boost of good feelings and chill.

Coaches of any kind (athletic, executive, life, etc.) will also benefit from the effects of GABAlicious. It enhances mind melding abilities with others, which is really powerful in a coaching environment.

great intuition

One of the greatest aspects of GABAlicious is it allows you to tap into a natural flow state with the ability to appropriately pull the right thoughts and ideas, and imagination comes really fluently. It gives you great intuition and the ability to tap into latent memories.

You’re Training Your Body To Be Happy And Relaxed, Not Forcing It To Be

With other supplements and medications designed to balance your response to stressful situations and make you feel light and happy, you can zombie out and lose functionality at a dangerous level. 

You’re reducing your performance level just to get by. You’re working out of fear instead of performance. 

When GABA rises, serotonin rises. When you are no longer experiencing the negative effects of your GABA receptors being frantic, you will experience an automatic rise in natural levels of serotonin. This is ultimately going to make you feel better. 

We’re setting up an amino acid cascade that is replicable by your body. We’re helping restore nutritional balance by going over the top so your body brings your baseline mood up. 

Unlike other formulas, when you come down off of the effects of GABAlicious, you won't go back down to zero. You’re going to start restoring the amino acid balance in your body every time you use it. This will basically train your body to feel happy and relaxed.

Does It Work?

Here’s What People Are
Saying About GABAlicious…

GABAlicious | Nootopia GABAlicious | Nootopia
“These are like huggable puppies in a delicious drink! Instant mellow without the grogginess. I use these when I have a high stress day so that I better enjoy my downtime.”

~ Ross A.
GABAlicious | Nootopia GABAlicious | Nootopia
“All five stars and then add 5 more.”

~ Benson U.
GABAlicious | Nootopia GABAlicious | Nootopia
“I’ve tried the rest, this is the best. What I like about this is the mental clarity and energy without the caffeine jitters I’ve experienced from other products. Good mood, focus and energy lasting all day! Nice formula definitely recommended!”

~ Roy W.
GABAlicious | Nootopia GABAlicious | Nootopia
“Great for nervousness. Dissolves well and tastes great!”

~ Jeffrey S.
Best in Class


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Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant, Bsc. Sc. Act/Kinesiologist
CEO/Co-Founder of BIOptimizers

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