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Brain Flow
The Upbeat | Capsule

The Flow State Formula


To Effortlessly Crush Your
Daily Goals With This
Breakthrough Brain Nutrient
Delivery System

Do you ever feel “too stimulated” by coffee or energy supplements, derailing your afternoon focus?

Have you ever had magic moments of extremely calm focus, but are unable to tap into that on demand when it matters most?

Would you like to experience worry-free, all-day mental energy to keep your afternoon momentum going?

What if you could support virtually all aspects of brain performance (confidence, presence, focus) at once?

Mental Energy Is Easy... But
Can You Do It With Calm Focus?

There are a lot of supplements or substances that will give you mental energy.

Coffee. Green tea. Energy drinks. The list is long.

But those almost never support you with deeper levels of calm focus.

And that’s super important.

Because when you’re doing more creative work, you can’t settle for a mere jolt of alertness you might get from coffee.

Yes, you need to be sharp and focused — but also calm, relaxed, and in a flow state (alpha brain waves) that research has found to be optimum for creative work and problem-solving.

Getting both the intensity of mental energy and focus... with natural calming and nourishing nutrients is a major challenge. It requires innovation in the way nutrients are delivered to your brain.

Enter Brain Flow..
A Nootropic for Those Who Want
Calm, Creative Focus
and Problem-Solving
— With the Ultimate
Brain Nutrient Delivery System

Brain Flow is a formula that comes in a new oil suspension capsule, representing the next evolution of powerful, plant-based nootropics.

Brain Flow combines the most proven, tightly integrated nootropic powder stack (internal capsule) with a concentrated ORGANIC NOOTROPIC OIL BLEND to potentiate all ingredients.

This breakthrough oil delivery system brings nootropic nutrients to your brain. Each dose can help you:

The Upbeat | Capsule
Promotes a balanced inflammatory response in the brain and nervous system (essential for a flow state and peak cognitive function)
The Upbeat | Capsule
Increase bioavailability of other nutrients (feel more of everything)
The Upbeat | Capsule
Stay calm, positive, and fearless despite pressure to perform
The Upbeat | Capsule
Gently lift performance in a VERY extended, calm manner

Brain Flow uses a super unique encapsulation process — where the external vegetarian oil capsule is specially constructed to NOT dissolve in stomach acid.

Instead, it begins dissolving as the PH of the GI tract moves from acid to base, keeping the benefits of the oils intact, so you receive much greater bioavailability and performance in a smaller capsule.

Then the interior nootropic powder capsule dissolves even further down the upper intestine, as the GI tract PH approaches 6.2-7.0 PH - slowly releasing the nootropics into the bloodstream.

It's there they combine with the nootropic, inflammation-balancing, and calming oils to bond and be carried past the blood-brain barrier, getting to work on your synapses for an all-day increase in cognitive performance, with just a blush of energy.

Chemical Bottle

Personally Developed By
Mr. Noots, Arguably the
Greatest Nootropic
in the World Today

Mr. Noots is a born optimizer. As a child, he nearly blew up his parent’s garage creating “Tesla-like” electricity experiments.

Thankfully, his parents supported his intense curiosity... which quickly evolved into an obsession with the relationship between energy and chemistry, especially in the body.

The real turning point in Mr. Noots’s journey came when his beloved wife unfortunately became addicted to toxic painkillers and lost her life.

He wanted to understand why and how her brain chemistry led to such depressive and highly addictive states.

How brain works

He thought, maybe just maybe, what he discovered could help others. That’s what she would have wanted.

After creating his own world-class lab and inventing proprietary technology to maximize nutrient extraction and synergy — and conducting nearly a decade’s worth of experiments — Mr. Noots ultimately cracked the code on how to successfully hack neurochemistry for performance in all areas: happiness and mood, focus, motivation, mental stamina, memory, and more.

That’s a bold claim, but Mr. Noots’s cult-like following amongst pro athletes, CEOs, influencers, executives, and peak performers from all walks of life prove that his formulas truly work.

They are the only nootropic formulas that virtually everyone who tries them can actually FEEL them working.

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SuperCelastrusTM Oil

Phosphatidylcholine, or PC for short, is not a vitamin but a phospholipid. It is one of the key elements that make up our cell membranes. Levels of PC decrease with age, injury, toxic exposure, pollution, pesticides, or from lack of a nutrient dense diet. The body makes a brain chemical called acetylcholine from phosphatidylcholine. Acetylcholine is important for memory and other bodily functions. Studies have shown its ability to help memory and even extreme issues like schizophrenia.

Ginger Oil

After a distillation procedure, ginger oil is produced from the ginger rhizome. It's incredibly concentrated like other essential oils. Ginger oil has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to relieve nausea, arthritis, migraines, and the common cold[1].

Black Pepper Oil

The peppery, musky aroma of black pepper oil has been known to ease stress by soothing nerves and relaxing your muscles. It can also aid digestion, cleanse your body, and improve immunity[2].


Pregnenolone is a neurohormone with many cognitive benefits. It can increase mental endurance, and lessen mental fatigue. When it comes to the brain, it is believed to increase levels of neurotrans that are important for memory. It can also support mental health and relaxation responses, while promoting quality sleep.


Studies have shown that piperine, the primary “active” in black pepper, can help boost circulation and bring about a variety of brain benefits, from the overall improvement in functioning to mental health. Piperine supports a balanced inflammatory response in the brain, which is essential for peak cognitive function. For all these reasons, it also has a highly synergistic effect with other nootropics.

Fractionated MCT oil (from coconuts)

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides, as the name suggests, and therefore is easier to digest. MCT oil could promote weight loss, boost energy levels, reduce lactate buildup in athletes, and fight bacterial growth[3].

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has been used to treat symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other GI issues, as well as nausea and pain relief. Peppermint has also been shown to have the ability to fight bacteria and yeast[4].

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is a dehydrated and processed version of caffeine. Benefits include increased alertness, boosted brain function because it affects various brain pathways, improved athletic performance via increased endurance, and even weight loss[5].

CDP Choline

Choline is a critical brain nutrient you must get from your diet or supplements to avoid deficiency. Choline supports many different processes, such as brain cell messaging, fat metabolism, DNA synthesis, and nervous system health. Choline is required to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which studies show is KEY to regulating memory, mood, and intelligence.

Our Proprietary
Extraction Process
Changes the Game for
Nootropics by
More Precise Effects
to Your Brain

Every single Nootopia formula relies on a proprietary extraction process and base, ensuring maximum delivery of nutrients to your brain.

To create the ultimate base for our formulas, we researched thousands of different seeds, plant matter, flowers, and fungi.

Ultimately, we arrived at Celastrus Paniculatus as the most reliable base.

This is both a seed and oil that has a long history of success. It also has an LD-50 level that is nonexistent (so safety and chronic use wouldn’t be of concern).

This led to the development of SuperCelastrus, which you’ll find in nearly every Nootopia formula, including Brain Flow.

We found that by using sonic and ultrasonic extraction methods, we could optimize the specific effective compounds within Celastrus to “lean” the extracts toward a specific neurotransmitter:





Then, by combining with other organic and extracted compounds with the Celastrus during the last phases of either extraction or micronization, we could amplify those specific neurotransmitter characteristics.

Consider SuperCelastrus a small set of neurotransmitter-specific extracts and blends that — paired with our other perfectly extracted nutrients — allow us to make better, more pointed nootropic stacks.

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Two More Scientific
For A Brain Boost You Can
Actually FEEL

There are a number of exotic extracts and blended extracts that make Nootopia solutions unique.

Beyond our proprietary extraction and base ingredient for superior delivery — we added two additional game-changing processes: synergy and personalization.

FIRST, after testing more than 3,000 different formulations, we found that it was a challenge to hit the bullseye of performance for more than about 30% of customers. (If you’ve ever taken a brain supplement and not felt anything, this is why.)

By personalizing the formulations (things like changing the choline source, the type of nootropic, and/or the stimulant/adaptogen/ antioxidant types), we were able to dramatically improve results for all customers. And we continue to refine this over time.

We personalize Brain Flow based on the level of focus and stamina you want to experience.

Personalized Blend

Your first order’s personalization is just the beginning. We’re going to keep personalizing every order until you tell us, “It’s exactly what I want.”

We do this with every Nootopia blend, every single month, for every single customer.

The SECOND breakthrough is synergy. The combination of our unique extraction process, personalized formulations, and proprietary delivery—means there is unparalleled synergy between our ingredients.

This is why the #1 difference between Nootopia formulas like Brain Flow and so many products out there is that people FEEL the effects.

The gains in focus, mood, stamina, and processing speed are undeniable.

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It’s no secret—you’re here for a reason. You place high demands on your brain. You need it to be sharp, focused, motivated, and not get tired. Losing days to feeling tired, foggy, or down simply aren’t an option.

Yet, when you push this hard in life—those days inevitably come.

Could be stress, travel, fatigue, or any number of factors. The good news is that you don’t have to know why…. You just have to have Power Solution to snap you out of it.

Power Solution is our favorite formula for “waking up” and supercharging a tired or foggy brain—and ensuring that nothing gets in the way of you dominating your day.

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