Why You Should Take Nootropics Every Day

I love the journey of pushing myself to a new operating level. I was such a hyper-focused kid. When I was very young (5-10), I could isolate myself in my Dad's shed with chemistry sets, electronics, books, or whatever.

There was one little experiment one day, the carbon arc furnace, which blew up… and seared my tear ducts (the reason I’m wearing these patches over my eyes in the picture on the right). 

Six weeks later, when they pulled the patches off, I could see fine. And life was the same. I moved on to the next experiment. 

My mom would have to ask time and time again for me to come to dinner or to remind me that it’s time for bed. It wasn’t because I was abstinent. It was because I was so deeply ingrained in whatever I was doing.

Fast forward a few years, and I was both volunteered and requested to take Accutane in mega doses. This changed everything for the worse.

I could no longer focus for long periods. I always felt a bit of a fog. My energy declined over time as well.

I was a good athlete, but I slowly lost my drive to win.

Fast forward to 2021, and I can focus like a machine for 16 hours a day. I can deliver whatever life demands of me thanks to having an optimized brain.

With the help of nootropics, I don’t experience depression. I get more done in 4 hours than I used to complete in 4 days. Best of all: I have a blast doing it.

But that’s not all: every performance aspect of my life has improved. That means: mind, body, energy, sex, and sleep.

Here’s an exciting aspect of this: your horizon for adjustment and tweaking of your performance is infinite. 

Think: what if you could improve some area of your mind and body every day… Where would you be in a year?

  • Would you become a partner in your law firm?
  • Would you become a top trader on Wall Street?
  • Move from the mailroom to a VP position?
  • Actually live Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Workweek?

I’m not saying you and I will become Eddie Morra overnight. But I am quite confident you and I are barely touching our potential.

When we were beginning to test our original base formula in 2008, we knew three things:

  1. A clear, deep, fast, and connected mind makes better decisions. Those decisions can dramatically affect your results in life.
  1. A tireless mind and body can act on those decisions. Action creates momentum. 
  1. Good decisions with action create success, however you define it. Whether that’s changing the world. Changing your mind. Or simply multitasking as you’re changing a diaper.

Change– and life improvements– take drive, courage, and energy. Courage is best leveraged when you can anticipate outcomes. Anticipating outcomes requires quickly thinking through the myriad of variables that impinge on our objectives.

Make sense?

It’s not just about being smarter at Monopoly or winning at Twister.

It’s about operating at a higher level, amplifying your strengths, and then turning them into super powers… And enjoying the journey.

Stress comes from not understanding the actual likelihood of a potential outcome. It comes from falsely anticipating and fearing what might happen. 

On the flip side: understanding, managing, and embracing what you can control gives you power. This is where high cognitive function, strong and resilient physical capacity, and positive, anticipatory thinking comes into play.

This is why I take Nootropics every day. And why I believe it can be the best game-changer for you too.

Watch this video and learn how to use these breakthrough brain stacks to architect and hack the ultimate mental states for productivity, creativity, and happiness.

Because being sick and suboptimal sucks. And being your best and cycling into Superhuman territory is a gift that, once experienced, is something that will change your life forever. 

And, at the cost of a Starbucks or two a day, it’s one of the most cost effective, lifetime enhancements I could ever hope for.

Oh, and if like me you’ve struggled with focus, here’s a Powermove: FOCUS-WINDOWS…

Focus-windows are by definition an awesome FOCUS TOOL. The goal is to: STICK WITH THAT ONE THING until the focus-window is done.

At first, it will be hard. Your brain is going to want to escape. That’s your brain’s focus weakness coming out. It wants you to relieve it of the strain.

If you just CAN’T stay focused for an hour, then try shortening the focus-window to 30 minutes to start. Less than 30 minutes is not enough to get into a flow state. With time, effort and consistency, your mental endurance will go up. 

If you’re ready to start your journey to apex brain performance, you can select the stack that best suits your goals. Click HERE to learn more about them and select yours.

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