What are Nootopia Omnipepts?

Over the years, Nootopia have uniquely honed our formulas through feedback from thousands of customers, along with advanced knowledge of chemistry and pharmacokinetics. The result is Omnipepts, which are safe and highly effective nootropic blends. Here’s what they are and how they help optimize your cognitive performance.


Omnipept-N is a custom amino acid blend targeting GABA and dopamine, micronized with a uridine monophosphate base. 

Uridine monophosphate is a naturally-occuring building block of RNA. It’s an important element of your brain cells. Uridine monophosphate, or UMP, readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and can help increase choline in the brain, synergizing with many nootropic extracts and compounds. It supports the creation of new synapses, dopamine production, and phospholipid production. By doing so, UMP promotes a clear mind, motivation, mental flexibility, and enhanced learning and memory. 

Together, the Omnipept-N blend with uridine monophosphate create a specialized nootropic blend that boosts memory, focus, motivation, and learning speed without overstimulation. 

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Omnipept-N2: Acetyl-n-tyrosine micronized with a custom amino acid blend targeting acetylcholine and serotonin.

By boosting acetylcholine, serotonin, and catecholamines, Omnipept-N2 promotes good mood, memory, drive and verbal fluency. Omnipept-N2 is a component of the inner capsule of Brain Flow, Focused Savagery, and Upbeat.


Ominipept-O comprises of triacetyluridine micronized with very low doses a custom amino acid blend that modulates acetylcholine and glutamate functions through AMPA receptors.

Triacetyluridine is a form of uridine that is better absorbed into the blood and brain than uridine. It boosts and stabilizes mood and promotes a sense of wellbeing. It also protects neurons from day to day exposures and excess glutamate. Last but not least, it possesses all the benefits of uridine and uridine monophosphate. 

Together, the Omnipept-O and triacetyluridine support cholinergic-based brain function. It also supports verbal fluency and cognitive and connectivity aspects behind healthy socializing. We include Omnipept-O in Apex, GABAlicious, Mental Reboot AM, Nectar X, Power Solution, and Zamner Juice.


Omnipept-1 is a custom amino acid blend targeting acetylcholine, dopamine, and norepinephrine neurotransmission, micronized with pyroglutamic acid, glycine, theanine, and aspartic acid. 

At the same time, it boosts blood flow to the brain and makes all the other nootropic extracts and compounds work more effectively.

Pyroglutamic acid is a naturally-occurring amino acid in the human body, derived from glutamine. It enhances cognitive function by increasing acetylcholine, GABA, and glycine levels. As a result, it has a net relaxation and flow state-promoting effect. 

Together, the Omnipept-1 blend and other ingredients work together to promote focus and flow-state in Brain Flow and Power Solution.

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Omnipept-A is a custom amino acid blend targeting dopamine (phenylalanine and acetyl-L-tyrosine) and serotonin, combined with calcium citrate. 

Omnipept-A helps maintain glutamate sensitivity of your AMPA receptors, boosting focus, and concentration. By boosting brain energy (ATP and Dopamine), it also increases acetylcholine and thus improves focus, clarity, and memory.

By boosting dopamine and serotonin function, these ingredients in Omnipept-A work together to promote a calm and relaxed good mood. It also helps with verbal fluency, emotional intelligence, and socialization. Omnipept-A is a component of Focused Savagery, GABAlicious, Upbeat, and Zamner Juice.


Omnipept-P includes CDP-choline micronized with a proprietary amino acid blend targeting dopamine, GABA, and noradrenaline. It’s a component of Focused Savagery.

By increasing acetylcholine in the brain and hippocampus, Omnipept-P improves memory and understanding of complex concepts. At the same time, the right level of dopamine and noradrenaline helps with laser-like focus and vigilance. Omnipept-P also uniquely supports mood, motivation and drive without jitters or overstimulation. Lastly, by boosting blood flow in the brain, it helps improve the performance and duration of all supporting nootropics.
Now that you understand how Omnipepts are, check out our nootropics here.


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