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Elevate Your Brainpower

Discover The Superfood Secret
That Effortlessly Increases Your
Memory and Focus With Age….
And Achieve Smooth, Sustained
Energy Within 30 Minutes
Every Morning
5 warning signs that your brain is DECLINING, affecting your ability to maintain your energy, plug in to your productivity, and keep your memory sharp as a tack:

Warning Sign #1: You’re lacking the mental clarity or focus that you used to have as a spry, 20-year-old. You’re finding it hard to seize career-advancing opportunities or make better decisions in your relationships.


Warning Sign #2: You are feeling the effects of mental burnout (lack of energy and difficulty concentrating). It’s disrupting your ability to learn new skills, recall information, or control your mood.


Warning Sign #3: You experienced a sudden and dramatic drop in your productivity levels since the pandemic that you haven’t recovered from, and you’re not sure WHY.


Warning Sign #4: Your energy relies on caffeine. With daily morning doses (and sometimes afternoon…and evening doses too…)


Warning Sign #5: You’ve noticed a decline in your creative problem-solving skills and find it difficult to brainstorm solutions.

If you see yourself in ANY of these warning signs…
Then read this letter to the end for
the 4 critical superfoods that took a
33-year-old’s brain from
obliterated and drug-destroyed…
To peak performance conditions.
Matt Gallant

CEO|Co-founder of BIOptimizers and Nootopia

My name is Matt Gallant. And if you saw yourself in any of those warning signs above…

You’re not alone.

I mentioned a drug-destroyed brain earlier…

And, well… I’m not proud to say that was me.

But I am proud to say that I was able to naturally reverse my brain damage…

AND discover a superfood solution that would lift my brain performance to near superhuman levels.

And if I could do all of that… 

Then I am confident that with the critical information on this page, you can too.

Now I get what you might be thinking here… “Why on earth would I listen to a random addict’s experience? Not sure I can trust him.”

And listen, I get it. I’ve had people doubt me all my life. It’s part of what I live with from my past mistakes.

I know that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

And because I care about you achieving a successful, happy, and fulfilled life through optimized brain health….

…I’m gonna share my story straight, so you can understand exactly why I care so much.

I fell into a deep drug and alcohol addiction when I was 28…

I was absolutely out of control for 5 years.

I – of course – destroyed my business.

I lost my best friends…

…And my marriage.

It cost me everything.

And on top of all that…

Drug addiction cost me my
brain health.

As someone who was devoted to building companies since I was 16 years old… My struggles and successes have always been dependent on my brain.

And after I hit my low… I wasn’t functioning with that high-speed race car brain of my early 20's anymore.

I got scared.

And so I got clean.

You see… I’d seen what memory loss did to my grandmother, Helena. And I realized that if I didn’t get my act together, my brain was going to deteriorate even faster.

But even after a few years of sobriety, my brain was (*not surprisingly*) nowhere near the level it once was.


My short-term memory and cognitive function were shot…


I couldn’t remember where I put my keys…


Or the names of people I’d known for years…

And those warning signs aren’t just subject to
people like me who struggled with addiction….
In fact…

Your Memory And Focus
 Starts Declining At Age 45

That’s right…

You don’t need to be 80 years old and using a walker to start losing your memory and focus.

(Or struggling with a drug addiction like I was).

Scientists used to say the ‘Great Decline’ didn't begin until you were around 60 years old…

But now by age 45, many people begin to experience age-related memory decline[1], such as:


Having to repeat your question because you can’t remember the answer


Hard time recalling plans – like appointments or meetings – without writing it down


Or finding it hard (and slow-going) to learn new skills

Not to mention our average attention span is now WORSE than that of a goldfish.

(For those curious: Humans are at 8.25 seconds. A goldfish is at 9.)[2]

I don’t need to tell you twice the negative implications this breakthrough research has on your memory and focus…

The Average Attention
Span of a Human in 2000
The Average Attention
Span of a Human NOW
The Average Attention
Span of a GOLDFISH

It could mean loss of career opportunities with a decline in productivity.


Hitting a plateau in your professional and personal goals.


Declining in your relationships with family and friends from lack of energy.


And never hitting your TRUE potential that’s probably had you motivated since you were 12.

So I started to dig into the research….

I wanted to know how I could stop my brain from meeting the same fate, against the odds.

And in order to do so, I had to get into the nitty gritty of…

The answer?

Neurogenesis is your brain’s ability to form new neurons. And it declines as you age.

It’s not hard to understand how that has HUGE implications on your memory, and ability to stay energized and focused.

It plays a vital role in cognitive functions and the ability to form cohesive thoughts.[3]

So when your brain’s ability to form new, strong neurons starts to decrease…

Your entire brain, body, mind, soul, being… Feels the impact.

Let me explain.

It’s as if your life is like being on an endless roller coaster – where the track continues to build up in front of your eyes as you speed ahead.

At first it’s going smoothly. Lots of easy-going turns and spins on pristine paths of track that appear effortlessly, when suddenly…

The tracks are no longer completing themselves on the pathway in front of you…

The roller coaster starts getting shaky and unstable as you go over patchy bits of track…

Until finally there’s no new track left..

And the roller coaster swiftly starts to descend.

This is what it’s like as your neurogenesis abilities crumble. Without proper neurogenesis, you’ll experience[4]:


Trouble learning, remembering, or understanding things


Loss of normal physiological functions: such as coordination or energy levels


And an inability to control your emotions or stay in a good mood

So what was the not-so-obvious answer to stopping all of this that I mentioned earlier?

The only effective way to keep your brain power from declining…

Is to power your brain with a specific type of protein that supports your neurogenesis…

The Missing “Puzzle Piece Protein”
That Makes Your Brain

Energized, Focused, and Healthy


To keep your neurogenesis strong, you need what’s called the BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) gene.

That sounds complicated and fancy but let me put it this way:

Imagine your brain as one big, complex IKEA shelf that needs to be put together like a puzzle.

Your genes are the different instruction booklets for different parts of the shelf.

And one of those instruction booklets is your BDNF gene.

It's part of a team of proteins that make sure your brain grows strong and stays healthy.

The PROBLEM is: as you get older, your natural BDNF levels also begin to decline… [5]

I needed to find a solution that would support my BDNF levels and therefore lift my neurogenesis back up and better than before…

#1 Superfood To Stop
Your Brain’s Aging In Its Tracks

I FINALLY came across a particularly surprising ingredient…

A mushroom.

That research showed had AMAZING BDNF support and effects, including: [6]


Cognitive protection


Dramatically improved mood and sense of well-being


Supported nervous system recovery from day-to-day damages and exposures


Protected gut


And immune support

So I got my hands on it as fast as I could.

And I put it to the test.

The results shocked me.

“Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Boosted My Brain Health
After Only 30 Days

After taking it for 30 days:


I could recall information without having to ask twice…


I was no longer struggling to find the right words…


Or forgetting people's names, or where I put my keys…


And I felt more energized than I had as a spry, 20-year-something.

It was clearly effective at boosting my BDNF and thereby bettering my brain’s neurogenesis.

But even with this new break in the case, there was a critical factor still missing…

You see… The Lion’s Mane was helpful. It was the start of my neurological repair.

But the KEY to improving your energy, productivity, and focus isn’t in one superfood mushroom alone…

No… That would be too easy. ;)

My research led me to a particular combination
of 4 mushrooms,
each with its own specific
benefits for your brain:

Why Getting All 4 Mushrooms
Is Critical For A Better Brain

Getting ALL 4 of these mushrooms in the optimum dose upgrades virtually every function in your brain:

Lion’s Mane: Improve Your Memory

This mushroom is critical for supporting your ability to form new neurons.[7] Leading to better memory and cognitive function. It has neuroprotective effects that ensure the survival and growth of new neurons (even despite age) that keep you from having difficulty focusing.[8]

Chaga: Support Your Immune System

This mushroom helps support your overall immune system – much like foods such as acai berry, baobab, and turmeric.[9] It also helps to protect your brain cells from damage, and can also help support your gut health (where 70% of the immune system is located).[10]

Cordyceps: Enhance Your Energy

This mushroom enhances your energy and endurance so you can function better mentally AND physically.[11] (And yes - Cordyceps is the fungi from the popular show, The Last of Us. But not to fear, this won’t make you catch the zombie plague 😉).

Reishi: Increase Your Mood

This mushroom helps fight against stress and nervous feelings, which increases your mood and supports your mental well-being.[12]

If You Want To Have Energized
Brain,  Prime Focus, And An
Unbeatable Memory…

You Need HYPER-

There are plenty of mushroom products out there already, sure. And believe me, I’ve tried them all in my journey to better my brain.

I could go out and buy individual supplements for each of these 4 mushrooms… But it would cost a ridiculous amount. Not to mention incredibly inconvenient. And the dose wouldn’t be strong enough.

I wanted 1 supplement to rule them all. 1 that would unlock the full potential of your mind.

1 with a potent concentration of each mushroom to ensure every dose delivers a remarkable cognitive enhancement.

So in order to get the full, concentrated benefits of these 4 mushrooms… I contacted a genius.


Mr. Noots (aka Mark Alan Effinger) is the best brain chemist and formulator alive today.

That might sound like a bunch of hype, but it’s 100% accurate.

He was born with a natural knack and passion for chemistry that nearly blew up his family’s garage… at the age of 6.

And like me, he applied his genius to uncover the root cause of why brains break down…

And together, we were able to create the ultimate breakthrough:


A mushroom superfood blend that you could drink.


That tasted delicious.


And that gave the proper dose of concentrated mushrooms for superhuman results…


It’s the ultimate solution to regenerate and rejuvenate your brain’s
memory, focus, and energy in just 30 minutes.

CollaGenius 2.0
salted caramel

4 of the best concentrated
mushrooms on Earth

+ added Collagen

In 1 ridiculously tasty,
dairy-free drink

1.2 POUNDS of
Mushrooms in Each Drink

1 dose of CollaGenius comes out to 1.2 lbs of mushrooms.

(Mr. Noots is the best formulator alive today for a reason. He makes magic like THIS happen).

CollaGenius allows you to ingest OVER 200 GRAMS of mushrooms without feeling like you're ingesting over 200 g of mushrooms.


The secret is, we used hyper-concentrated 50 to 1 Lion’s Mane.

And that’s just the Lion’s Mane alone. Not including the added concentrated power of Chaga, Cordyceps, and Reishi.


50 to 1
Lion’s Mane


100 to 1


100 to 1


100 to 1

Collagenius Absolutely Crushes 
The Competition In Every Way:
collagenius-product-sm other-product-image-sm
CollaGenius 2.0 Other Mushroom Products
Mix 2 scoops with 6 oz liquid of your choice. For a stronger drink, use 3-4 scoops. You need to take each of the 4 mushrooms in separate formulas
1.2 lbs of mushrooms per drink Only 0.001-0.003 lbs of mushroom per drink
Collagen AND mushrooms in one drink ONLY mushrooms; No collagen

A Dairy-Free, Caffeine-Free
Solution For Instant Wakefulness


After drinking CollaGenius Salted Caramel, you will instantly feel your mind and body wake up…

Your brain will quickly process things in an optimized, structured way.

CollaGenius allows you to feel “whole-brained” because it doesn’t target just one area of your brain. Each of the 4 mushrooms serves a specific purpose.


You’ll effortlessly move the needle in your life, studies, business, you name it.


You’ll have a nervous system that regulates itself again.


You’ll have access to lightning intuition.


You’ll have faster memory recall.


You’ll experience brain repair.


You’ll be in a better mood.


You’ll learn faster.

It’s a healthy energizer that (despite being
mostly mushroom) tastes amazing…

Experience An Epic Energizing
Blend With Exceptional Taste

With the concentration of mushrooms in this drink, we know what you might be thinking…

“Mushrooms at such a high concentration would just taste like mushrooms, RIGHT? And who wants to sip on the earthy, mud-like flavor of MUSHROOMS?”


CollaGenius is the result of scientific mastery that provides the concentrated mushroom benefits of 1.2 pounds of mushrooms WITHOUT tasting like you just consumed a bunch of mushrooms.

(because that would taste *blegh* 😝).

And as we all know… You’re not gonna keep up with a new healthy habit if it tastes AWFUL.

honey-image salted-caramel-drink-image

So we made sure that the Salted Caramel flavor would remind you of an amazing fall day that takes you back to colorful autumns and that fresh, crisp air.

No dirt-tasting, mushroom-like flavor lingering on your taste buds.

How is that possible?

We started by using a cold water extraction of the mushrooms, which creates a concentrated version.

We went through over 100 different mushroom extractions, companies, and farms…

To find the ones with the most ideal, natural notes that would combine best with small amounts of organic caramel flavor.

Which created a drink that allows you to ingest way more mushrooms than you normally would in a delicious drink designed to maximize your neurogenesis and so much more…

Each Ingredient Has
Individual Super Powers

Lion’s Mane 50:1 Extract

Each dose contains 2.5 g 50:1 Lion's Mane, which is equal to 200 grams of ground mushrooms. Lion’s Mane boosts BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This helps to significantly improve learning and memory.[13]

Taking it at this concentration also massively promotes the number of neurons being created. By focusing on the BDNF and expanding the amount your body can intake, Lion’s Mane is one of the most vital nutrients to include on your path to achieving excellent neurogenesis.

Chaga Mushrooms 100:1

We include 1.5g 100:1 Chaga, which is equal to 300 grams of ground mushrooms. Chaga contains powerful immune support components.

Cordyceps Extract (C. sinensis) 100:1

This formula includes 1.5g 100:1 Cordyceps, which is equal to 400 grams of ground mushrooms. Cordyceps has many health benefits including:

  • Improved exercise performance
  • Helps your body to maintain normal cell growth
  • Improved heart health
  • Promotes a balanced inflammatory response [14]
Red Reishi 100:1

There is also 1.1g 100:1 Reishi in each dose, which is equal to 200 grams of ground mushrooms.

Consuming Reishi is beneficial because it:[15]

  • Supports immunity
  • Lowers fatigue and therefore increases motivation and mood
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar control already within normal range
Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic sea salt comes from certain regions of France where the clay impacts its coloring. It contains important minerals such as magnesium (essential for stress and blood pressure regulation in those with healthy blood pressure) as well as iron[16] (essential for growth and development, and helping your red blood cells carry oxygen).[17]

Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Contains some trace minerals beyond regular salt
  • Enhances flavor
Monk Fruit

Monk fruit extract, used to make sweetener, comes from dried fruit. The extract has no calories or carbs, is 150–250 times sweeter than table sugar, and does not cause blood sugar levels to rise. [18]

Organic Cashew Milk Powder

Research has shown that cashew milk:[19]

  • Is loaded with nutrients
  • Boosts heart health
  • Good for eye health
  • Supports healthy blood sugar control already within normal range
  • Is good for your skin
  • Maintains immunity
Coconut Oil Powder

Coconut oil not only adds to the flavor of CollaGenius Salted Caramel, but it may also:[20]

  • Encourage fat burning (in combination with diet and exercise)
  • Work as a quick source of energy
  • Help reduce hunger
  • Boost skin health
  • Protect your hair
MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) 70% C8-C10

MCT C8: Caprylic acid. The most efficient fatty acid for your body to digest and break it down into fuel. It doesn’t spend much time processing in the liver, so C8 molecules are quick to show their powerful effects on your body.

MCT C10: Capric acid. This one is easily absorbed during digestion, providing efficient energy. Along with burning fuel, it may help to maintain the immune system and support digestion.[21]


Thaumatin (also known as thaumatin) is a protein sweetener. ​​Thaumatin also has the same energizing effects as regular sugar, but it is 2,000 times sweeter. It is one of the most potent natural sweeteners out there.[22] It really compliments the delicious caramel flavor of CollaGenius Salted Caramel.

Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is a kind of collagen that is extracted from marine organisms like fish, jellyfish, and sponges. Studies have shown that It helps support wound healing, promotes skin elasticity, and can soften wrinkles.[23]

Grass Fed Collagen

Grass-fed collagen is collagen that’s extracted from the bones of grass-fed cattle. As we age, our levels of collagen decrease, which leads to wrinkles, dry skin, and changes in the appearance of our skin. Grass-fed collagen can help by encouraging increased skin elasticity and hydration.[24]

With Organic Caramel Flavoring for the perfect seasonal taste of a crisp and colorful autumn.

But we didn’t stop there…

“A Mushroom Mix With
 Added Collagen”


CollaGenius Salted Caramel also contains both grass fed collagen (for a saltier flavor) and marine collagen.

On top of all the mushroom health benefits, adding collagen was a no-brainer for 2 reasons:

First – Because many people like to consume collagen in a powder form as well.

This way you’ve got a 2-for-1 with CollaGenius. You don’t have to drink 2 separate concoctions each morning to get the effects of both mushrooms and collagen.

And second – Because collagen offers some insane benefits outside of the mushrooms, including:


Improves your skin health


Supports your joints


Boosts your muscle mass


Promotes your heart health


Strengthens your hair and nails

By combining the mushrooms and collagen
together, you will experience…


Instant wakefulness


Smooth, sustained energy


Radical neurogenesis


Improved memory


Rich vitamin profile


Radiant hair, skin, and nails

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Scatter-Brain
And Hello To Clear, Organized Thoughts

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CollaGenius 2.0 Salted Caramel
Is So Effective…
We Unconditionally
Guarantee it for 365 Days

Nootopia stands behind our products and guarantees that they will do what we say they do.

If you purchase 1 jar of CollaGenius 2.0 and you are not completely satisfied, within 365 days you may request a full refund (minus shipping & handling cost).

If you choose to save money and buy a bundle of multiple jars, you are still covered by a 365-day guarantee. If after your first jar you are not satisfied, you can return your remaining unopened jars within 365 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund for your order (minus the cost of shipping & handling)*.

*Please note: If you open a second jar, you no longer qualify for the guarantee above. Speak with our customer service team, and you may be able to receive a prorated refund depending upon the number of unopened jars you will be returning. Just contact us, let us know where we could be better, and we will issue you a refund.

Easily Upgrade Your Morning
Routine For
A Swift Kick In The
Butt You’ll Feel In 30 Minutes

There’s no shame in needing an extra kick in the tush to get your head space right in the morning.

And while many people turn to coffee to do that…

CollaGenius is your natural, healthy, and dairy-free solution to upgrading your performance in every way without the jitters, sugar crashes, or (let’s be real)... crazy poops that caffeine can bring.

All you need to do is:


Mix 2 scoops with 6 oz of water, almond milk, or your liquid of choice. For a stronger drink, use 3-4 scoops.

***Customers have found it helpful using a milk frother to get all the nutrients mixed perfectly.

And voila. You’ve got the perfect subtle fall flavoring added to your morning milk or brew of choice.

It’s the tastiest way to supplement your mushrooms and collagen together…

Because there is absolutely nothing like CollaGenius on the market.

You’ll feel the effects in just 30 minutes to start your day off right, or take midafternoon when you need to shift into 3rd gear.

Whenever it makes most sense for YOU to take it… You’ll finally be able to instantly organize your thoughts in a systematized, healthy way that keeps you:

CollaGenius Salted Caramel is
For You
If You Want To Finally
“Detangle” Your Brain…

CollaGenius is for YOU if you are:


A busy parent who wants focused energy to keep track of your thriving household (like when to pick your kids up from soccer practice, put together the grocery list, and run errands)…


A business owner who wants to stay on top of all aspects of your business 24/7 and needs the extra boost of instant wakefulness and memory supercharge to power through 14 hour days…


A bodybuilder who wants to improve your mental focus to push through and hit your next weigh-in goal…


A 9-5 worker who wants that extra focus and energy without Monster Energy, Starbucks, or Diet Mountain Dews…


A biohacker who wants to level up your brain’s quick thinking and learning skills…


Someone who wants to support your immune system, boost your mood, and experience healthier hair, skin, and nails….


Anyone who is looking to support your brain’s natural regeneration to self-repair from day-to-day damage.

Still not sure?

Ask yourself these questions…
Do You Want to Improve your
Memory and Focus?

Do you ever struggle to stay alert
and productive?


Do you lose focus mid-afternoon and
sometimes turn to more caffeine?


Would you like to support your brain’s
memory as you age?


Do you ever struggle to stay alert
and productive?


Do you lose focus mid-afternoon and
sometimes turn to more caffeine?


Would you like to support your brain’s
memory as you age?

We Don’t
Believe it :)
But you don’t have to take it from me…
See What CollaGenius
Customers Are Saying
Anthony F.

“I’ve tried countless nootropics, from natural ones to pharmaceuticals. But nothing has been as effective as CollaGenius. It’s given me laser focus, enhanced creativity, and even more calm. I’m someone who gets brain scans, and CollaGenius has further enhanced my alpha and gamma wave activity, both huge for cognition. It’s also an insane value. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Patrick H.

“I add it to my daily smoothie every morning, I take about one scoop and sip on it until about noon. My focus and energy are better and is something I look forward to continuing."

Kristina B.

“Love the effects! I take 2 scoops of CollaGenius in the morning and it helps my brain feel clear and sharp. I experienced better skin, blood sugar regulation, and better mood.”

Powered by:

As the CEO and CoFounder of Nootopia, I was incredibly excited by Nootopia’s breakthrough beginning in 2020. Nootopia is dedicated to optimizing your brain, releasing your genius within, and bringing your mental performance to its full potential.

And the bleeding-edge formulas and scientific breakthroughs that Nootopia brings to the table have all been made possible because of a company called BIOptimizers….

My business partner Wade Lightheart and I started BIOptimizers in 2004, and since then have served over 162,000 clients in over 90 countries.

BIOptimizers’s goal is to boost your health, performance, and aesthetics through unique and potent formulas designed to optimize gut health.

When we started Nootopia in 2020, we really wanted to focus on optimizing your MIND by reversing your brain’s neurochemical deficiencies and permanently leveling up your mental endurance…

And it’s all been powered by BIOptimizers' groundbreaking formulas and mission.

We partner with 5 world-class formulators and work with some of the smartest individuals in the world to create top-of-the-line, best-in-class formulas.

formula-image formula-image formula-image formula-image formula-image

And it’s all been powered by BIOptimizers' groundbreaking formulas and mission.

We partner with 5 world-class formulators and work with some of the smartest individuals in the world to create top-of-the-line, best-in-class formulas.

We refuse to compromise on ingredients or quality, and we’ve partnered with the Burch University in Sarajevo to create our own BioLab where we run constant tests to continuously improve our formulas.

We also work with one of the top Chinese herbal experts in the world along with the top enzyme scientists and the greatest plant extractor expert on Earth to produce the best products in the market.

Because of these incredible resources, Nootopia rose to the occasion and now creates miracle solutions for boosting mental endurance, memory, and mood… Just like with the discovery of using the highly concentrated mushrooms found in CollaGenius 2.0 Salted Caramel.


Chief Executive Officer

Click Here to See All References

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