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Hormonal Rejuvenation
And Turn
Back The Clock
In Just A Few Days

Are you experiencing a lack of energy and loss of muscle mass, despite your
best efforts at the gym?


Are you having trouble getting in “the mood” with your significant other, even
with a romantic candlelit dinner and Barry White playing in the background?


Would you like to regain the vitality, strength, and confidence you once had?

If you answered YES to any of these questions… then continue reading,
because I’m about to share with you

The super simple morning ritual that will help you go back to being
your former self by reclaiming your vitality.


Are you experiencing a lack of energy and loss of muscle mass, despite your
best efforts at the gym?


Are you having trouble getting in “the mood” with your significant other, even
with a romantic candlelit dinner and Barry White playing in the background?


Would you like to regain the vitality, strength, and confidence you once had?

If you answered YES to any of these questions… then continue reading,
I’m about to share with you

The super simple morning ritual
that will help you go back to being
your former self by reclaiming your vitality.

The GOOD NEWS is that what you are experiencing is not your fault,
since recent research shows that:

between 27 and 32 years of age,
men’s hormone levels -in healthy
individuals- begin a downward journey.[1]

For many years research has shown that…

The amount of testosterone
in men's bodies
has been
going down steadily.

One study in 2007 found that American men's testosterone levels have dropped significantly since the 1980s, with the average levels getting lower every year.[2]

For example, a man who was 60 years old in 2006 had 17% less testosterone than a man who was 60 years old in 1989. 

Another study conducted in Denmark showed similar results, with men born in the 1960s having much less testosterone than men born in the 1920s.[3]

All studies show a marked trend that men’s testosterone levels have been declining for decades (welp).

To make matters worse, this trend correlates with another symptom:

A decline in musculoskeletal
strength among young men.

According to a 2016 study, the average 20 to 34-year-old man could apply 98 pounds of force with a right-handed grip, down from 117 pounds by a man of the same age in 1985.[4]

Though grip strength isn’t necessarily a proxy for overall fitness, it’s a strong predictor of future mortality.[5]

Furthermore, there are several factors that contribute to hormonal decline, but in healthy individuals AGING is at the top of the list of factors.[6]

Now, the million dollar question is:

Can men reverse this downward trend in their
hormone levels to reclaim their vitality?

The short answer is YES, there are many things you control in your lifestyle that can help you reverse this adverse effect of aging, such as:


Regular exercise


Balanced diet


Managing stress levels


Getting enough sleep


And taking supplements.


And this reminds me of the story of my long time friend Pablo:

He was a funny and charismatic guy, had huge upper body muscles and had the strongest grip ever (he crushed my hand on a couple of handshakes, Lol).

Pablo loved working out and spending time with his family and friends. 

When Pablo was in his early 40’s he experienced a significant decline in his energy and muscle mass. I still remember it because he was very vocal about this issue.

His main concern was the lack of sex drive and performance he experienced.

Not being able to perform as the “Great Stallion” he called himself jokingly, affected his self esteem to the point he joked about changing his nickname to “the Wilted Flower”.

But even in his funny tone you could feel that Pablo was not the same guy…

…he was silently suffering for not being able to fight back at this “invisible enemy” that was destroying his vitality and virility.

Pablo tried everything, from changing his diet to taking natural herbs recommended by friends, and nothing seemed to work.

Frustrated and concerned, a year later his

“AHA MOMENT” arrived:

He came across a scientific article in Men’s Health Magazine that gave hints as to what was happening to his body…

…so he decided to take a hormone test and to his surprise, the results revealed that his “sexual shortcomings” were caused by

A decline in androgen levels, the
hormones responsible for maintaining
men’s youthful
and vitality.

Androgens are a group of hormones that play a key role in the development and maintenance of male characteristics, such as:


Muscle mass


Deep voice


And facial hair.

The most well-known androgen is testosterone, which is produced in the testes and is responsible for: [7]


Sex organs, genitalia and
reproductive function


A sense of well-being


Muscle mass


Bone health


Red blood cell count


And many other functions.


Low testosterone, or ‘hypogonadism’ as it is also called, is a condition where your testicles don’t produce enough testosterone. 

Hypogonadism may result in significant detriment to the quality of your life, and adversely affect the function of multiple organs.

Testosterone is one of many androgens part of something bigger called the cholesterol hormone cascade.[8]

The cholesterol hormone cascade
is how your body naturally
produces testosterone and other
vital male hormones.

And hormones are like messengers that tell different parts of your body what to do. 

These hormones have potent anti-aging capabilities and testosterone is what makes a MAN A MAN.  

If you inject testosterone in a woman, she will start developing male characteristics.


These hormones will help you:


Build muscles more easily


Burn fat more easily.


And Boost your sex drive.

Overall they will keep you feeling YOUNG and mentally you will feel more drive because Dopamine is heavily regulated by testosterone.[9]

These vital hormones play a very important role in keeping your body working smoothly and making sure that everything runs the way it should.

Optimizing Your 
Natural Hormone Factory

Your body has many internal “factories”.  These factories are how it creates hormones and other important molecules.

Let’s walk through how your body produces testosterone and other vital hormones.

The “raw material” that your body starts with is cholesterol (yes cholesterol is critical for your health). Your body converts the cholesterol into a hormone called pregnenolone.[10]

(You could say that pregnenolone is the fruit of cholesterol).[11]

Pregnenolone levels decline more than 60% as we age.[12] In one study, pregnenolone administration increased serum progesterone over fourfold and DHEA levels by approximately 16%.[13]

Then the body converts pregnenolone into progesterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA, a key ingredient in the hormone cascade and a very powerful anti-aging precursor.

DHEA levels peak at about age 27, then
go down steadily as you get older.[14]


By the time people are 70 to 80 years old, their DHEA levels are only 10% to 20% that of young adults.[15] This is one of the main reasons why testosterone declines as you age.

Then your body converts the DHEA into androstenedione, which finally converts into testosterone.  This is why it’s called a “hormone cascade”.  It’s like a huge waterfall.  One converts into another, and then another, until you have the key molecule you want: testosterone. 

Can DHEA supplements increase testosterone levels?

DHEA can be converted by your body into testosterone. Your testosterone levels may rise if you take a DHEA supplement.

According to a 2013 study Trusted Source, middle-aged adults who were participating in high-intensity interval training saw their free testosterone levels increase when they took 50 milligrams (mg) of DHEA daily.[16]

Both play an important role in regulating various physiological processes, including:


Growth and development




Sexual function


And mood regulation

For a lot of men, the final piece of the SuperHuman puzzle is hormonal optimization. 

That’s why we decided to go ALL IN on the next generation of supplements that will become every man's best ally in this battle against hormone decline.   

When you boost these key molecules, you will also get a significantly improved effect from any nootropic you take.

Once you get their hormones in order, everything works like magic.

Feeling Like a Shadow Of Your
Former Self?

Our Powerful Formula Will Turn
Back The Clock In Just 90 Days

Through years of scientific research we have been able to create a powerful formula that can take any man, regardless of age and physical condition, to be able to:


Through years of scientific research we have been able to create a powerful formula that can take any man, regardless of age and physical condition, to be able to:


Supplement his lifestyle changes with the right supplement that helps your body level up the hormones


Go back to the “golden years” of hormonal levels


And be rocking and rolling for the rest of your life, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

(Note: If you want to “age normally”, then this isn’t for you).

So without further delay, we would like to introduce a
new anti-aging
solution that will help you be the best version of yourself:

dhea-title dhea-tube

This powerful supplement will revitalize you in a few weeks. 

It is the elixir of life that keeps men young so that everything else we do works better.

You will slowly but steadily start feeling how you recover your:




Sexual Drive


Passion for life.[17]


And maximize the benefits you
get from the nootropics you take.

DH-HE-A is for men who want to:

Fight the aging process

Boost physical performance

Improve your mood.

Promote healthy bone strength and
counteract age-related bone loss

Increase alertness and memory

Promote healthy
sexual drive and performance

Increase the benefit you get from nootropics.

It will be a game changer for your performance in your personal and professional life, if you’re a man over 27 years old.

So how does DH-HE-A help you level up from hormonal insufficiency?

"Click here to see all" breakthrough ingredients

It provides you with a blend of powerful ingredients that tell your body which
to produce to level up the baseline of your
operating system:


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the hormone that your body naturally produces in the adrenal gland. 

DHEA helps produce other hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial lasting 6 weeks showed that DHEA can dramatically boost mood.[18]

No participants in the placebo group showed a similar improvement.

In a 12-month study on elderly men and women with low DHEA levels, DHEA supplementation at 50 mg/day was shown to counteract changes in body composition and bone mineral density due to aging.[19]

The results were statistically significant, including increased bone mineral density in the total body and lumbar spine, decreased fat mass, increased fat-free mass, and elevated levels of IGF-1 and total serum testosterone.


Pregnenolone, the primary steroid hormone produced in the brain, gonads, and adrenal glands from cholesterol, is the starting point for all other steroid hormones, such as DHEA. 

Supplementing your body's natural pregnenolone can provide the following benefits:


Enhances Cognitive & Memory Function[20]


Elevates Mood[21]


Improves Sleep Quality


And Supports Weight Loss

Uridine Monophosphate

Uridine Monophosphate is a nucleotide that plays a crucial role in the formation of brain cell membranes and the synthesis of key neurotransmitters such as dopamine and acetylcholine. 

By supplementing with Uridine Monophosphate, you may be able to:


Enhance your memory


Improve your cognitive function


And support healthy aging of the brain.

Uridine Monophosphate is often used in combination with other nootropics to achieve synergistic effects.

CDP Choline

CDP Choline is a potent brain nutrient that has been shown to improve cognitive performance and support brain health. It  works by increasing the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is essential for learning and memory. 

In addition, CDP Choline may help protect the brain from age-related decline and improve mental clarity and focus. 

CDP Choline is a popular nootropic ingredient that is often included in cognitive-enhancing supplements.


Omnipept-O™  comprises triacetyluridine micronized with very low doses of a custom amino acid blend that modulates acetylcholine and glutamate functions through AMPA receptors.

Triacetyluridine is a form of uridine that is better absorbed into the blood and brain than uridine. It boosts and stabilizes mood and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

It also protects neurons from day to day exposures and excess glutamate. Last but not least, it possesses all the benefits of uridine and uridine monophosphate. 

Together, the Omnipept-O and triacetyluridine support cholinergic-based brain function. It also supports verbal fluency and cognitive and connectivity aspects behind healthy socializing.

B5 Pantothenic Acid

B5 Pantothenic Acid, also known as vitamin B5, is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in energy metabolism and the synthesis of important hormones such as cortisol and testosterone. 

In addition, B5 Pantothenic Acid may help promote healthy skin and hair, and support healthy adrenal function. B5 Pantothenic Acid is often included in multivitamins and energy-boosting supplements.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a vital nutrient that plays many important roles in the body. It is essential for proper cell growth and division, brain function, and cardiovascular health. 

Folate is a methyl donor that supports healthy conversions and activations of hormones and neurotransmitters. Folic acid deficiency may affect sexual performance.[22]

While it is found in a variety of foods such as spinach, romaine lettuce, asparagus, beans, and seafood, some people may benefit from taking folic acid as a supplement.


Mannitol is a sugar alcohol with several benefits. In the food industry, mannitol is used as a low-calorie sweetener, a bulking agent, a humectant, and a stabilizer.[23]


Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that is often used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages. Xylitol is known to have a lower glycemic index than sugar, and may promote dental health by inhibiting the growth of some bacteria in the mouth that erode teeth. Xylitol is a popular ingredient in sugar-free gum and mints, and is often used in low-carb and diabetic-friendly diets.


Stevia is a natural, calorie-free sweetener that is derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. Stevia is much sweeter than sugar and has a negligible impact on blood sugar levels, making it a popular option for those looking to reduce their sugar intake. Stevia is often used in place of sugar in foods and beverages, and is a popular ingredient in low-carb and blood sugar-friendly diets.

Crystallized Lemon

Crystallized Lemon is made from lemon zest, citric acid, lemon oil, and lemon juice, and is a popular ingredient in dietary supplements to add a bright, tangy lemon flavor.

Lemon juice and citric acid, both of which are used in crystallized lemon, may improve overall digestive function.

Finally, lemon oil is often used in aromatherapy to help improve energy levels. When used in supplements, crystallized lemon may help support healthy energy levels and mental clarity.

Realistically, you have
options here to
choose from:


You can stop reading, close this page, and continue to struggle with the decline in energy, muscle mass, sex drive, and lack of results with the supplements you take to improve your performance.


You can reclaim the control of your well-being with DH-HE-A  to boost your baseline hormonal levels and go back to being your former self as you watch your energy, focus, and overall performance improve without sacrificing anything.

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Here’s How To Use DH-HE-A

What makes DH-HE-A so unique is that it provides you with a blend of powerful ingredients that tell your body which hormones to produce to level up the baseline of your operating system.

To maximize the benefits of your DH-HE-A supplement:

Simply take one (1) capsule under the tongue. Hold the capsule upright, tap lightly to settle the contents to the bottom of the capsule. Unscrew the top from the bottom and pour the contents under your tongue. Allow the powder to dissolve for 2 minutes and then wash down with water.

Cycle 5 days in, 2 days off for optimal results.


DH-HE-A delivers.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of DH-HE-A that we want to take on all the risk if you're not satisfied.

That's why we offer a 365-day unconditional guarantee. No questions asked.

We understand that there are many supplements on the market that make big promises but fail to deliver, leaving customers feeling frustrated and out of pocket.

This is especially true for supplements that claim to improve hormonal levels and overall well-being. 

But with DH-HE-A, we know that our product will help men 27+ increase their baseline hormonal levels, leading to improved cognitive, physical, and sexual performance, as well as enhancing the benefits they get from other supplements they take.

Our guarantee is backed by our company and our commitment to providing high-quality products that make a real difference in people's lives.

DH-HE-A has already helped thousands of men achieve better hormonal balance and improved overall health, and we are confident it will do the same for you.

That's why we stand behind our 365-day unconditional guarantee.

If you purchase 1 box of DH-HE-A and are not satisfied, you may request a full refund (minus shipping & handling cost) within 365 days of purchase.

If you choose to save money by purchasing a bundle, you're still covered by the 365-Day Guarantee. If after your first bottle, you are not satisfied, you can return your remaining unopened boxes within 365 days of purchase and receive a full refund (minus shipping & handling cost)*.

Invest in your health and well-being with confidence knowing
that DH-HE-A is backed by our unbeatable guarantee.

Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant, Bsc. Sc. Act/Kinesiologist
CEO/Co-Founder of BIOptimizers

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