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This is the perfect stack for people who want to have something for challenging days.
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Here’s Everything You Get with Your Personalized Brain Optimization Program

This is the perfect stack for people who want to have something for challenging days.

That means… for 3 days each week where you need to be hyper-focused, energized, and productive – you’ll have the ultimate brain boost at your disposal.

This package gives you 12 doses that you can use to activate your Brilliance on-Demand.

Get To Know The
5 Breakthrough Brain Formulas

There are up to 5 customizable Nootropic formulations that you'll get with your 30-day supply

Each formula has a specific outcome and produces profound improvements in cognitive function

The Nootropic formulations can be combined in four different stacks (we'll cover those in the next step)

brain flow
Confidence | Performance | Smooth Energy
Brain Flow

The Flow State Formula

Brain Flow is a formula that comes in brand new oil suspension capsules, representing the next evolution of our powerful, plant-based nootropics.

Brain Flow combines the most proven, tightly integrated nootropic powder stack (internal capsule) with a concentrated organic nootropic oil blend to potentiate all ingredients.

This breakthrough oil delivery system brings the nootropics to your brain.

Reduce brain and neurological inflammation (key for slowing aging)

Increase bioavailability of other nutrients (feel more of everything!)

Eliminate feelings of anxiety and tendency toward fear

Gently lift performance in a VERY extended, calm manner




Confidence | Ambition | Positivity

Positivity in a Pill

Upbeat is a custom blend of 7 of the most notable nootropics available that lifts your mood.

It’s one of my favorites to add with other Nootropic Core Formulas because it balances out the intensity. It boosts my mood. It makes me smile and be UPBEAT.

Increased level of confidence in decision-making

A happier “vibe” and sense of well-being

More creativity and creative output

More ambition, with the focus to complete projects


Nectar X
Performance | Clarity | Neurogenesis
Nectar X


Nectar X is a powerful drink that will turn on your brain and get you ready for epic days.

Simply mix in 24 oz of water. Drink for intense presence, energy, and clarity. Or sip from morning through the afternoon for a balanced level of energy, clarity, and focus.

Feel immediate levels of increased optimism

Elevated sex drive and performance

More energy for exercise, metabolism, muscle-building

More ambition and “drive” to get stuff done

Greater learning and retention of new information

Increases levels of serotonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine - big for mood

Improves neurogenesis (stimulation of new brain cells)

It can even help you break unhealthy habits!


Ultimate Focus
Deep Focus | Intense Drive | Hyper Productivity
Ultimate Focus Capsule

Hyper Focus On Demand

Ultimate Focus is a combination of 21 powerful, natural nootropics and brain-enhancing nutrition designed to help you regain control of your mind while also rebuilding your brain.

This is my favorite for “deep workdays”. The days where you want to maximize your output and focus.


Calmness | Creativity | Neurogenesis

Limitless Focus

With proper neurotransmitter support and hormone production, The Apex inhibits activity between neurons.

This results in soothing your system, cleansing your energy, creating a state of calmness, boosting energy, creativity and focus.

The Apex improves synaptic choline levels and oxygen to the brain. Synapses fire faster and with more effectiveness.

The Apex can help you:

Increase mental performance (memory, focus, stamina)

Boost Neurogenesis (your brain’s rejuvenation)

Work twice as many hours in a day (if needed)

Provide greater levels of optimism and positivity


Brain Optimizers
Brain Flow

Brain Flow







Nectar X

Nectar X



Ultimate Focus

Ultimate Focus



The Apex




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