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Unlock your brain's maximum focus, concentration, and creativity

Say goodbye to underperforming days
and activate your peak mental
within 10 minutes of
waking up every single day.

13 Game-Changing Formulas Infinite customization
The Apex
the apex
Zamner Juice
zamner juice
brain flow
Nectar X
nectar x
Ultimate Focus
Ultimate Focus
Power Solution
Power Solution
Mental Reboot AM
mental reboot am
Mental Reboot PM
mental reboot pm
Dopa Drops
dopa drops
Other Optimized Supplement Formulas
Dream Optimizer
dream optimizer
Ultimate Sleep System
ultimate sleep system

Choose from 3 different levels

to match your goals, budget, and desired level of cognitive power.

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focused ferocity

This is for people who want to be in a peak state every workday.

This is the right level for entrepreneurs, CEOs, writers, and creative people who are pushing the edge.

The “Focused Ferocity” bundle will help power your brain in ways you’ve never experienced before.

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world Domination

This is the package for people who want to conquer their worlds and win huge.

This is the ELITE level dosage providing you with the MAX Nootropics experience.

World Domination is for peak performers who want to truly maximize their brain’s potential every single day.

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brilliance on demand

This is the perfect stack for people who want to have something for challenging days.

That means… for 3 days each week where you need to be hyper-focused, energized, and productive – you’ll have the ultimate brain boost at your disposal.

This package gives you 12 doses that you can use to activate your Brilliance on-Demand.


“Best In Class” Guarantee

Our mission is focused on customer obsession.

If after trying our products you don't feel we are the BEST IN CLASS, we will refund your money. PERIOD. We're THAT confident you'll love our products and that's why we give you 365 days to try them. You have nothing to lose so take advantage of this amazing deal today.


Nootropics Expert and Alchemist Mastermind,


tested his groundbreaking formulas on over 10,000 volunteers and, based on their provided feedback, he was able to create the ultimate nootropic blends to achieve maximum results.

The 30-Day Guided Journey

will help you kickstart your adventure
with nootropics and
get you started on the
road towards epic brainpower.


When you download the Nootopia app, you’ll be able to follow along day by day in a simple, guided discovery of our recommended combinations for peak mental performance.

We’ll break down each day’s suggested formula (or combination of formulas), when to take it that day, and what you can expect to feel.

You’ll learn your favorite formulas and combinations quickly, and open the door to new combinations you want to try for the ultimate states of mind for crushing your long work days, letting your creative juices flow, and taking on each day with newfound focus and positivity.


You can download the “Nootopia” app to track your first 30 days from your phone.

In the app you’ll also be able to easily track how each formula and combination makes you feel. With that feedback, we’ll be able to tweak and perfect your personalized formulas for your unique brain chemistry to become more and more effective for you each month.

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"The best nootropics Ive ever tested" -- Jesse Elder, action philosopher and entrepreneur